Just Another Sunrise

Just Another Sunrise

I’m imagining some of you may be tiring of these endless sunrise/sunset commute photos. The thing is, my commute happens to coincide with sunrise and sunset this time of year. Plus, Mother Nature keeps dishing up these beautiful light shows day after day, which, because I’m out there on my bike with a camera, somehow obligates me to capture them. And to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of a beautiful sunrise, regardless of how many times I snap a shot and post it to the blog. In any case, it’ll be spring soon enough and before you know it these light shows (and my resulting sunrise/sunset photos) will fade away until fall comes around again.

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  • Joseph e says:

    Alan, I don’t think I could ever tire of these images. After reading Streetsblog or the local news, I can always use something positive and beautiful to brighten the day. That’s why this blog (and Lovely Bicycle) are at the top of my list.

  • Xtra says:



  • Alan says:

    That’s very kind, Joseph – thank you! I enjoy your blog too ( http://www.bikesfortherestofus.com/ ), and check it frequently (it’s in my RSS feed).


  • Steve Butcher says:

    I never tire of them, either, Alan. Keep’em coming!

  • SM says:

    Alan, I never get tired of them. You’re so lucky to get to see that every day. Sunrise, bicycles, and sunsets are beautiful. I’m seriously considering buying a good camera (Nikon D90?) to be able to capture beautiful photographs like the ones you take.

  • Jack Kenward says:

    We moved to Davis 26 years ago and moved back to Kansas City in October, 2009. For 10 years, I drove to and from work in Sacramento with a sunrise most mornings and sunsets most evenings (not counting the days of Tule Fog). After changing jobs, I was able to get out for early morning and late afternoon rides with even more sunrises and sunsets (more than once we caught the sun rising over the Sierra just as a full moon set over the Coast Range). Seeing these images keeps me in touch with those special days. Thanks.

  • Randy says:

    Each one is uniquely beautiful.

  • Jack says:

    I think a good variation would be more of the same backgrounds but with some of your creative croppings of the bicycle in the photo. I love when a partial view of an object speaks more eloquently than the entire view. It will still be a sillouette but more interesting!

  • Dan says:

    Always love these photos. Keep ‘em coming!

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