Public Transit Under Fire


Transportation for America has issued an action alert on the proposed budget cuts that would dramatically cut or completely eliminate public transportion funding in a number of key areas:

The budget proposal from the Republican Study Committee calls for completely eliminating the main federal transit program, zeroes out Amtrak, cuts all funding for the metro system in the nation’s capital and slashes $2.5 billion in high-speed rail grants.

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5 Responses to “Public Transit Under Fire”

  • John Pelletier says:

    This country is not going anywhere but backward if we have to keep fighting the same bloody battles over and over again, there will be no energy left to fight for something new! sigh

  • Brian says:

    Luckily, the US has an extensive network of state-of-the-art car based transportation systems and they have been proven to have absolutely zero negative impact on the economy, the environment, national health, local communities, etc. ; )
    But seriously, car-based transport doesn’t work well enough. It uses too much energy and other resources and keeps everyone spread apart.

  • Fenway says:

    The problem is that many public, bicycle, and rail transit projects are nothing but boondoggles to buy up local votes. If politicians stopped larding up bills with pet pork projects and instead focused on building the actual routes people would use, there wouldn’t be this push back. The focus on these type of infrastructure spending has been what is most effective POLITICALLY and not in terms of effective PRACTICAL TRANSPORTATION. There are way too many rail, bus, and trolley lines to nowhere, high speed rail slowed down to a crawl because xyz politician wants it to stop at every little town, bike paths built in the middle of nowhere for tourist seasons, and other garbage which is giving public, bicycle, and rail transit funding a bad name.

  • Molnar says:

    Fenway, do you have any examples of this? Aside from the LA subway system, that is. I have never heard the charge made about bike infrastructure; then again, there isn’t any where I live.

  • Fenway says:

    For bike infrastructure check the archives here. There were complaints by congressmen about expenditures on duplicitous signage in Portland not too long ago. McCain and I think Ifanhoe were complaining about silly tourist paths not too long ago as part of a highway funding bill. Every time it’s a national story the expenditure is typically some tourist driven pet project thing or a move by NIMBYs to block construction/reconstruction of a commuter rail or freight ROW. Every single one of those dumb purely politically motivated take money away from and endanger the budgeting for practical inner city and commuter bike routes.

    Here in Boston no-brainer extensions of the subway, bicycle lanes, and commuter rail extensions to practical areas, keep getting back burned in favor of tourist coastal bike routes (usually rails to trails BS by NIMBYs trying to stop trains from returning behind their property) or useless commuter rail extensions to low traffic lines. They’ll spend a billion on one useless public transit project when 10 practical ones could have been accomplished with the same money.

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