Cap Giveaway Update

This is just a quick note to inform that we’ve adjusted the cap giveaway slightly. Instead of 2 caps per week spread over 4 weeks, we’re going to do 8 caps in one drawing on February 1st. The volume of comments is wreaking a little havoc on our comment notification system, so we’re going to do it in one shot to keep our web host happy. Same number of caps, same odds…. good luck!

10 Responses to “Cap Giveaway Update”

  • Joe says:

    I am a daily reader of Eco Velo and I love the site. I enjoy the beautiful photos , the Hot Topics and yes, I click on the sponsors column. Please submit my name for that very chic Houndstooth Wool Cap Giveaway.

  • Jason B says:

    I glad to see that you have such a large following.

  • RDW says:

    Bike giveaway. Well, no harm in trying, right? ;)

  • John L says:

    Oh but I do love a good cap giveaway

  • Michael (Mrs. EcoVelo) says:

    It must be Winston’s (our dog) jaunty modeling of the hat that is causing so many folks to want a cap! ;)

  • Marcia Deignan says:

    MIchael, that is exactly right! Buddy wants one now, and so do I!

  • Liz says:

    Love your site, and that smashing cap, as well. Would look good matched with my Giant Via loop frame mixte city bike.

  • Larry Knapman says:

    I’m a daily reader (Lurker) and I would love to win in the cap giveaway. Wearing might have to wait for warmer weather.

  • Jon Grant says:

    cap giveaway

    Am I too late? Did I miss it?

  • Alan says:

    I added your name to the drawing, Jon.


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