Traffic Bikes Custom Commuter

Custom Traffic Commuter
Photo © Traffic Cycle Design

Here’s a beautiful custom commuter from Traffic Cycle Design. Features include a TIG welded Reynolds 953 frame, integrated stainless steel rack, Rohloff Speedhub, Gates Carbon Belt, and Phil Wood drivetrain. Wow!

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12 Responses to “Traffic Bikes Custom Commuter”

  • birdboi says:

    *whistle* I bet that one goes for a pretty penny! Love the belt drives….waiting for the day when they figure out gearing for belt drives…and then after that, waiting for the day when I can afford any of it. Guess I’ll just have to keep dreaming ;-Q~~~~

  • Tom says:

    Wow, I never realized how dorky most rear racks look until I saw Spencer’s custom rack on this bike. I guess they’re more “pannier hangers” than a rack, but nice none the less.

  • David says:

    This is just about the perfect commuter, as I define it.

  • Teddy says:

    She looks good. real good.

  • Tony says:

    Beautiful package, but the riding position looks a bit painful. Maybe the designer had super long arms.

  • Alexander says:

    Love that type of rack. Besides the Raleigh we’ve seen posted here, it’s also available on some Santos bikes (that also have a belt option).

  • Androo says:

    I would be verrrry happy on that bike. In terms of geometry, contact points and utility, it looks to pretty closely resembles my commuter/tourer. I’m guessing it’s just 10x more expensive, hahaha.

  • DudleyDawson says:

    Very sexy bike. Almost sexy enough to bring me back to a diamond frame from a recumbent, but just as Tony said, “the riding position looks a bit painful”. I’m really attracted to the belt drive too, but I don’t think I’d trade in my Q rings for one. Maybe Rotor has some ‘belt drive Q rings’ in the works.

  • Frits B says:

    My first impression is that this frame is too short to be comfortable as a commuter. The wheelbase should be longer. As for the rack, it will only accommodate single panniers which will then hang so low that the rider will constantly kick them, as a result of the short wheelbase. Compare this bike with Koga Miyata’s Vector:
    where the same sort of rack is mounted as far back as possible (there’s a review in VeloVision of June 2008).
    And how do you carry a crate of beer, or a large box of groceries? On your separate shopping bike?

  • Fergie348 says:

    No sloping top tube here – Very manly! Is that a Wound Up carbon fork? With disc mounts? Never seen that before..

  • dynaryder says:

    Got to see one of those Raleighs in person last weekend. While those racks look nice,it really is tons more practical to have a top deck to strap stuff to. Way more versatile to be able to strap any bag to the top,not to mention the increase in cargo space.

  • Alan says:


    “While those racks look nice,it really is tons more practical to have a top deck to strap stuff to.”

    I hear quite a few people say that, but I haven’t strapped anything to the top of a rear rack in probably 2 years or more. I guess we all manage our cargo in different ways.


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