Carrying Stuff: A Roundup

LHT with Leaf

As a follow-up to yesterday’s excellent conversation about how to carry stuff on bikes, I thought I’d gather together a few previous articles that touch on the subject.

3 Responses to “Carrying Stuff: A Roundup”

  • Micheal Blue says:

    It’s surprising the cycle trucks don’t have fully enclosed chains. For a bike that is meant to work hard, low maintenance and reliability are a must. Why don’t bike designers follow the examples from countries (or the country) that have (has) pretty much perfected the workhorse bike?

  • Bob B says:

    I have a
    Wald 535 rear twin carrier
    on one of my bikes. Mine is from the 1970s and is still as functional as the day it was purchased. It was kind of rusty when I got it, but cleaned up nicely. I criss-cross some homemade innertube bungee cords across the top.

  • David says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. All the carrying options can be a bit overwhelming for the new transportation/commuter cyclist. There are no rules, but the guidelines you posted help a lot, and can make the difference between driving and riding. I posted a set of photos on some of the ways folks can haul stuff.

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