Bike Sharing Coming to Boulder

Boulder B-Cycle Screenshot

Boulder, CO is one of this country’s most bike-friendly cities, being one of only three to garner the coveted “Platinum” rating on the League of American Bicyclists “Bicycle Friendly Communities” list. To add to their already excellent programs, Boulder will be rolling out a B-Cycle bike-sharing program this spring. From the Boulder B-Cycle website:

Coming in May, 2011…
Boulder B-cycle is bringing the magic of bike sharing to Boulder. We’re engaging the community in our mission to provide a healthy, green, fun way for Boulder’s residents and visitors to get around town. When we launch next May, you’ll be able to pick up a B-cycle from one of 25 B-stations conveniently located around Boulder. Whether you want to roll from the bus to the office, run errands at lunch, take a relaxing spin along the Boulder Creek Path, or cruise to Happy Hour, B-cycle will help get you there. Just swipe your card, grab a bike, and ride! It’s simple—and it’s good for your health, your pocketbook, our environment, and our community.

To start, the program will feature 200 bikes and 25 stations spread throughout the area, with hopes of growing the service in the future. Memberships will run $5 per day or $50 per year. Boulder memberships can also be used with Denver’s B-Cycle program.

Boulder B-Cycle
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5 Responses to “Bike Sharing Coming to Boulder”

  • kfg says:

    I just did a Google image search on Boulder. In the first 124 images I found numerous cars, a handful of horses and a couple of goats (and a cute couple they are, if you’re into that sort of thing) as well as two bikes.

    The bike being ridden was actually an out of town “racer”, the bike in town was being walked through a pedestrian area.

    In the 125th image there were a handful of bikes, but the only one being used was a motor bike. Perhaps a bike share will help.

  • Alan says:


    Here’s some information regarding Boulder’s designation as a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Community:

    Streetfilms did a nice feature on Boulder back in 2008:

    Looks like a nice place to ride a bike!


  • kfg says:


    I’ve visited the Bicycle Friendly Communities pages before, and revisited them again before posting. I’ve seen a number of Streetfilms videos, but somehow missed that one. It does indeed look like a nice place to ride a bike; and easier to bike to for an American than Copenhagen or Groningen. I find the middle section of the bike route a bit damp for my tastes, even with proper fenders my back gets wet.

    I do wonder, with it’s utter lack of facilities, education and bicycle plan how a city like Ferrara would fare on the Bicycle Friendly Communities scoring system.

  • dan says:

    I’m happy to see Boulder getting B-cycles. I took at trip to Denver and Boulder last year, just after the Denver got the bikes, and we took advantage of them. The system is really easy to use as a tourist. (Paris Velib was not.) I wished I could have gotten to ride in Boulder as well. Having compatible systems in two cities so close together should act synergistically. Next time I’m in Boulder, I’ll get ride in the contra-flow bike lane that I saw on Streetfilms, not just walk past it!

  • Eric B. says:


    Here ya go:

    Searching ‘Boulder’ seems to give me images of, well, boulders. Seems reasonable enough.

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