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Besides accessing EcoVelo by a direct link from your bookmarks, you can also follow our updates via our e-mail notification system, our RSS feeds, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook page. We also upload many of our photos to Flickr, and we host a Flickr group for people interested in bikes used for transportation. If all of that wasn’t enough, we’ve just added a Tumblr site for our readers who also blog at Tumblr. We were seeing an increasing amount of our content showing up on Tumblr, so we figured we’d join in the fun and start our own Tumblr site. We’ll be mostly using it to post new photos with links backs to current articles; in other words, it won’t replace our other channels, but it will make it easier for our readers who use Tumblr to reblog our posts if they’d like.


One Response to “Pick a Channel, Any Channel”

  • brent hammond says:

    I was really excited to see you guys show up on Tumblr. There are quite a few transportation riders and other cyclists there. I suspect you’ll have a strong following in no time.

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