Gallery: Frank’s Custom Müsing City Bike

City Bike
City Bike
City Bike

[Frank sent us these photos of his girlfriend’s Müsing city bike. —Alan]

My friend from Zombie Bikes and I assembled this every-day-bicycle out of a mountainbike-frame for my girlfirend. She is very happy with it and the bike is realy an eyecatcher in the city. We made it last year. My girlfriend uses the bike to go to work, to go shopping, or to do day trips. Very usefull items for the every-day-use are the magnetic Reellights, the Nexus 8-gear-change and the Magura hydraulic-breakes.

All the best,

6 Responses to “Gallery: Frank’s Custom Müsing City Bike”

  • Teddy says:

    What a great looking bike! Looks like a lot of time and care was shown in building it.

  • Andy says:

    Is that one of those auto-centering devices in the front for?

    I almost bought some reellights recently myself, but the reviews on them weren’t great, and the higher powered ones are only available from European retailers. I couldn’t find any lumen/lux info either, so I’m guessing even the better ones still aren’t very high powered lights.

  • Roland Smith says:

    Nice bike. The coloring details are interesting. Did you have parts specially anodized? What tires are on it? They look comfortable.

    On one of my previous bikes I had an early model Magura hydraulic rim brakes. They got me hooked on hydraulic brakes. :-) But they did seem to eat brake pads for lunch.

  • arevee says:

    Yes, it certainly is an ‘eye catcher’.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Betty Foy colours!

  • Zombie Bikes says:

    @ Andy: Yes, its an auto center device. It´s used for holding the fork in an centered position while the bike stands on its two-feeted kickstand (with folds to the left side of the bike)
    The Reelights are used “to be seen”. You cant use them as a light source to project the light onto the street. Still they are nice, because the are always on, and they are friction-less.
    @ Roland Smith: No specially anodized parts were used. These parts are all available for everyone. Tires are Schwalbe Sammy Slick 2.1″.
    High wear on Magura pads comes from using a too soft pad. On my bike, I use Magura grey pads for ceramic rims (and I have ceramic coated rims) and I change pads every 2 years.

    Glad you like the bike. And yes, a lot of love and work was put into it.

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