The Grumpies

An inordinate number of uncharacteristically grumpy comments have been submitted to the blog lately. I’ve noticed the same thing on a number of blogs that I regularly visit as a reader. I’m guessing we can attribute it to the post holiday blues as well as the fact that half the country is either under snow or underwater right now. Not to rub it in, but to remind that spring isn’t really that far off, here are a few photos from brighter days to (hopefully) brighten your day.

Brighter Days
Brighter Days
Brighter Days
Brighter Days
Brighter Days

36 Responses to “The Grumpies”

  • kfg says:

    “An inordinate number of uncharacteristically grumpy comments have been submitted to the blog lately.”

    Yeah, well, I didn’t show up until lately. Sorry about that.

  • Alan says:


    We’re glad you’re here! Have a super day!

  • Bob says:

    Really? Hmm. What’s to be grumpy about? My morning included a ride to the office through several inches of new snow, freshly plowed slush, and with bald eagles flying over the river. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  • Doug P says:

    I don’t call myself velocodger for nothin’. Besides, it’s midwinter, and as everyone knows, January is the “cruelest month”.

  • ksteinhoff says:


    I’ve been slacking off blogging the last few months. Part of it is that I’ve been devoting my blogging energies toward a new one; part of it is that I’ve been somewhat beaten down by the flood of negative comments posted to any media website that runs any form of cycling story.

    As someone who used to work in the business, I’m appalled at the way media sites will allow unfettered hate speech. In The Old Days, we wouldn’t publish a letter to the editor unless it contained a phone number so we could verify that the person’s name on the letter was real and that the person actually wrote it.

    Those same papers today will publish diatribes from yahoos advocating murder against folks on two wheels.

    On the plus side, my old hometown is finally looking at bike trails as transportation corridors, not just recreation.

    At least we’ve had a few really nice days down here in S. FL where the riding was really good.

  • Pete says:

    To stave off the mostly-rideless winter I compensate by spending WAY too much money on new bike stuff for a whole bunch of “projects”.
    I’m not grumpy ’till I get my credit card bill!

  • Terri says:

    This glass is half full post made me smile even though there is a blizzard outside. Thank you.

  • RDW says:

    Thanks Alan, I needed the inspiration!

    @ Pete
    You’re not the only one.

  • Steven Butcher says:

    “Cabin fever” is something I have to deal with through the winters, too. I admire the hardy souls that get out in the snow and slush, however, I tend to wait for drier and a little less cold/windy conditions. Also, the roads around me just aren’t safe to share with motor vehicles in winter conditions (two lane and no shoulder!). I appreciate the “pep talk” and beautiful reminders of the coming spring. Thanks!

  • Alan says:


    “…part of it is that I’ve been somewhat beaten down by the flood of negative comments posted to any media website that runs any form of cycling story.”

    You can’t read the unmoderated comments on big time mainstream media sites, Ken; it’s a waste of time and it’ll drive you nuts. My belief is that any mainstream media site that doesn’t bother to moderate comments tacitly supports trolls and vitriolic “discussion”. Vote with your feet (or mouse, in this case) and boycott those sites!

  • Alan says:

    You’re welcome, everyone! :-)

  • Roland Smith says:

    Not grumpy here at all. I was up early this morning, so I decided to clean and oil the chain of my trike before starting my morning commute (inspired by the recent debate about waxing). I still think cleaning and oiling is easier in case of a ‘bent though, no need to get several yards of chain off the bike!

    So I pedaled to work with a blissfully silent drivetrain. :-) It felt smoother too, but that could easily be wishfull thinking; I didn’t measure it. The road was somewhat slippery due to frost, but I’m on a trike, so no worries.

    Of course it is still dark when I leave for work, but the new lights on the trike are very bright.

    All in all a very enjoyable commute and good execise! :-)

  • Lee Trampleasure says:

    Thanks for the great photo uplift!

    Sitting in the Jacksonville airport, waiting to connect through snowy Chicago on my way back to “sunny” Berkeley, I enjoyed the images. May the grumpies among us lighten up a bit :-)

  • John says:

    Good Day to you. On our side of the big Water we have our own fair share of detractors in the Media. You could reply to this but you would only get blue in the face,best to ignore it .

    After the two big Freeze’s with Snow in November then December our Weather in Ireland has suddenly gone milder after Christmas. Even though it is still cold,it is the normal cold we are used to no Snow. So I was able to go Cycling a few times and really enjoy it,a touch of Spring with the first Daff’s starting to peek above the ground.

    I have not gone far only around 30KM round trips so far but still very enjoyable,that is what it is all about,gettin out on yer Bicycle with the Sea Breeze hitting you in your face. Dublin Ireland.

  • Andy says:

    I’m probably a Grumpy in writing. Don’t know why, but I have a hard time making my writing sound cheery. I think I often have a differing viewpoint to articles I read online, and like to offer my opinions, so maybe that comes across as grumpy? I think a lot of negative comments across many blogs occur when the writer writes about something they love, but not everyone agrees but has reasons. An example is the previous post about Brooks saddles. I see you deleted my comment (or maybe it just got lost?) about how I don’t feel price and quality always relate. I’ve ridden 10,000 miles on cheap saddles and haven’t had any issues with them. I like to offer that viewpoint, because I don’t like that cycling generally comes across as something that has to cost thousands of dollars. For many people, a $20 saddle could be just as good, so I wanted to mention that. If you don’t like those comments, than I can take this blog off my list and spend my time elsewhere.

  • Alan says:


    “…gettin out on yer Bicycle with the Sea Breeze hitting you in your face. Dublin Ireland.”

    That’s sounds just about perfect, John. Thanks for stopping by…


  • Alan says:

    Have a safe flight, Lee!

  • Mike says:

    It is worth reading your blog for the photos alone! Thanks

    And as for the unmoderated comments in the media, I make it a point never to read them. They are too depressing; you would think the entire population has green teeth and callouses on their knuckles.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’m not sure I know which comment was missed this morning; it may have been moderated, it may just as likely accidentally fallen into the morass that is my spam folder (unfortunately it’s too large to scan for legit comments all day).

    Regarding comments in general, we have a fairly clear cut set of discussion guidelines laid out. We’d rather not moderate comments at all, but in our experience, even a couple of snarky comments can take an otherwise perfectly congenial conversation and derail it into a gigantic pissing match (pardon my language).

    We’re all about discussion and we totally encourage and support differing viewpoints, but tone DOES matter. In other words, if someone disagrees with a blog post or a follow-up comment, by all means they should state their opinion, but it needs to be done in a respectful manner that doesn’t belittle others and drag the conversation into a downward spiral (not at all saying you did that).


  • Liz says:

    Thank you for the gorgeous bicycle photography. I also received your calendar and took it to the office today. It will brighten up the office while the weather is bleak.

  • townmouse says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s impossible to be really, properly grumpy on a bike. too much time on the internet, too little time in the saddle, that’s what’s wrong with all of us.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks Liz! Enjoy the calendar!


  • dnalgne wen akhsinak says:


    its the daylight starvation

    unrelated note, so my local bus company and taxi company now know me as “the bicycle guy”. i’m pretty sure the train folks know me as that too, but dont’ call me that explicitly yet

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Yeah thanks a lot for putting up pictures of flowers to further taunt those of us who don’t live in California!

    No no just kidding : )

    Thanks for keeping ecovelo going as actively as before despite the change of seasons. Checking this site every day keeps a lot of people’s spirits up.

  • ksteinhoff says:

    OK, I’m getting my head screwed on straight again. While a lot of you are debating whether or not to put on studded tires, I’m riding in shorts and worried about sunburn.

    Here are some recent rides from 2011:


    Re: spam. I agree with Alan. One of my blogs averages 300-600 spam captures a day. It’s been weeks since the filter has grabbed a legitimate poster. I’m about to empty the bucket automatically and apologize to the one out of 10,000 posts that was real if I get a complaint.

  • JaimeRoberto says:

    Who the hell are you calling grumpy?

  • Alan says:

    “Who the hell are you calling grumpy?”


  • Cassi says:

    Can’t say I’m feeling grumpy – I’m actually elated over the snow :) – but I truly LOVE those poppies. So thank you.

  • Phil says:

    I am probably one of the grumpy posters, with observations on my commuting experience in the UK. I don’t intend to bring the mood down, apologies for doing so. I am jealous of your relatively benign cycling environment and great photography Alan- keep it up!

  • Sherok says:

    I just love your website, it is part of my daily ritual. While trapped in the snow I went online shopping and purchased albatross bars for my Rivendell Bleriot.

  • mike says:

    Winter, especially here in the Northeast. Soon the forums and the e-lists will be full of arguments over fenders, lights, raingear, proper riding etiquette, wheel size, tire size – the list goes on and on.

    I say, the cure for this is riding. In the snow. On a Pugsley.
    But thats just me. Enamored with my new bike…


  • CedarWood says:

    @ Mike
    A Pugsley… drool… drool…

    I agree, more riding = less griping. To that end, my favorite shop has some parts in, and the winter bike needs some exercise.

  • Andy says:

    Ah finally some snow here! Only got about 4 inches. Winter is only a pain when it’s cold and windy but there’s no snow to enjoy it.

  • Zweiradler says:

    I see your photos, but all I can think of is “Oh no, hay fever!” (Just kidding.)


  • Thor says:

    sooo… we have all to be grumpy to see a couple more of those delightfull pictures ….????


  • Adrienne says:

    grump grump grump grump grump grump grump grump grump grump grump. Thanks for the forum : )

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