Velo Orange Flash Sale: Porteur Rack

VO Porteur Rack

Velo Orange is having another of their popular “flash sales” this weekend. This one features their awesome Porteur Rack. Simply enter the coupon code “bigload” in your shopping cart to save $40 off. If you’ve been thinking about adding a porteur rack to your bike but were holding off for whatever reason, now’s your chance. The sale will run from midnight Friday (1/7/11) to Midnight Sunday (1/9/11) EST.

Velo Orange

PS – If you’re unfamiliar with porteur racks, read our article on front carriers.

11 Responses to “Velo Orange Flash Sale: Porteur Rack”

  • jdmitch says:

    holy moly… I wish I was in a position to pick one of those beauties up. That’s a heck of a steal…

  • somervillebikes says:

    That is a fantastic deal on a fantastic rack. I paid full price for mine, and the quality and finish are very good, even at full price.

  • Joe says:

    I sure love mine. It’s definitely worth it at full price, but on sale… I might need a second porteur rack!

  • Adam says:

    Does anybody have experience with these that can compare them to a CETMA rack?

  • Rider says:

    That rack would be more practical without the little bar circling around — badly limits the size of what you can put up there.

    I’m speaking from experience — I have a similar rack, without that bar, and I use it on almost every ride.

    I had mine made by a local bike builder — custom fit to my bike, and at about the same price as store-(or Internet-)bought.

    Those interested in racks might want to give that consideration.

    All in all, though, a nice rack. And so shiny!

  • Alan says:


    The rail is an add-on. In other words, the rack can be purchased with or without the bolt-on rail.


  • JulieM says:

    I bought the VO rack with rails this summer to put on an older 26″ wheel bike that I had converted for commuting/errand running. In the past I had used rear rack with panniers or basket and something on the handlebar itself. However, I discovered the bike handled much better without the rear rack (the problem being that I had to push the panniers pretty far back not to hit them with my feet).

    I found the VO rack pretty easy to install – just one run to the hardware store to get longer screws to accommodate the fender stays plus the rack stays. I have a front cantilever brake so it was easy to install the rack tang to the front fork. I also bought the wheel stabilizer thingy – not perfect but does cut down on the front wheel whipping about when parked and trying to load.

    Since installed it has performed under many conditions: daily commute with light load or no load; pick up a box of tomatoes from the farmer’s market; deliver a huge box to UPS service center; weekend touring; haul books to library; overnight tour.

    Things that I have that make it easier to use: cargo net (the one with the plastic clips) – i attached it with a cheap carabinder as well so it does fall off completely when I undo the packing; medium Rivendell ShopSack – just an all-around good bag that i use for a lot of things’ a large Rivendell ShopSack for when I have a lot of bulky sized but relatively lightweight stuff.

    So, I’m very happy with the rack. It still looks good and performs well. I like that I have the option to put it on another bike (because it is predrilled for different size wheels). I like that it is NOT attached to the handlebars which I think improves handling with a heavier load and which also allows me to make handlebar adjustments without any fiddling with the rack. I also like that it is not too wide so that I can still do my regular commute without worrying about clearance issues. If I needed more width I could probably remove the rail and add a wider Wald basket.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for the thorough report!


  • John_in_NH says:

    do you know if this will work ok on the Breezer Uptown 8? I don’t worry about the top fender stays, but because the Breezer only has one brazeon for attaching the fenders (obviously you would attach the fenders under or over the rack attachment) I really wonder about the angle of the rack once attached to the fork and if it will still attach ok to the light mount bracket…

    Thats not to forgot if the light mount will still fit there, or if I would have to come up with some mounting to the front of the rack…

    any idea?

  • Alan says:


    I’ve never mounted this rack on an Uptown 8, but I’m sure it could easily be made to work. The lower rack tangs come pre-drilled for 700C, 27″, 26″, and 650B wheels, so fit shouldn’t be an issue.

    Regarding the headlight, you’ll need to move it. The rack comes with 4 bosses for attaching a light, so it should be a fairly simple thing that probably doesn’t require anything other than purchasing the right sized mounting bolt at your local hardware store.


  • Tim D says:


    The rail is an add-on. In other words, the rack can be purchased with or without the bolt-on rail.


    …I would just add that the rail is practical in many instances. I for one keep the rail on my VO rack for normal daily riding. It’s the perfect size to retain a 30 pack of High Life (and yes, I do routinely carry this on my rack). Of course, I strap it down as well, but the rail plus bungees is much more secure than just bungees alone. I also commute to work on bombed out pavement and gravel roads, and put a work bag (or briefcase for lack of a better word) on it with the rail. Again, with the bumpy road conditions, the rail gives me extra peace of mind that my lunch and papers aren’t going to go spilling off the rack.

    On the flip side, I take the rail off, and load the living daylights out of it to go camping. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with it.

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