Alfine 11 in the Wild?

Co-Motion CityView

Co-Motion is listing the Alfine 11 IGH as a $300 upgrade option on their 2011 CityView commuter. According to the Co-Motion website, the option is available now. This would put the retail on this already expensive bike at $3895. It’s a beauty, but wow, that’s up there for a city bike.

I’m wondering, has anyone seen the Alfine 11 listed as currently available on bikes from any other builders or manufacturers? Have you seen one in the wild?

Co-Motion CityView

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  • Paul says:

    Charge Mixer

  • Elliott @ Violet Crown Cycles says:

    That Co-Motion makes me feel much better about the prices and utility of my bikes. ;)

    Was just ordering some parts from Seattle Bike Supply today and my rep says he’s been checking the inventory every day to see if the Afline 11 is in. I have a feeling they won’t last long once they hit the distributors.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for the tip. Charge’s U.S. distributor is only listing the 8-speed as currently available, though it may well be available in other countries.


  • mitchell connell says:

    I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to leave this bike locked up around town. What a beautiful machine, though.

  • dwainedibbly says:

    I just today received the Alfine 11 that I’m going to build into a wheel for my new commuter bike, based on a VO Polyvalent frame. It’s really nice looking! The finish nearly matches the SON 28S front hub that this bike is going to have. Black frame, shiny parts, and a rear hub that goes to eleven!

    Time to start wheel building…

  • dwainedibbly says:

    I should add that my Alfine 11 came from Harris.

  • Alan says:


    Very cool. Send pics… :-)

  • Michael P. says:

    Also picked up an Alfine 11 from Harris Cyclery. Jeremy Sycip (awesome frame builder in Santa Rosa) is building a Java Boy for me. Can’t wait…

  • Gregor says:

    In EU :


  • jnyyz says:

    Brodie Once

    In a note from the manufacturer (note that these are Canadian Prices):

    “The msrp for once is $1449 for new alfine 11 spd with oil bath hub, fyi: ocho 8 spd alfine is $1049.

    ocho will be available next month & once will be available in December. We do have few in stock now pending size. You can see new photo of both models with new frame design on our web blog.”

  • antbikemike says:

    I have been listing my Boston Roadster and Light Roadster with a 11 speed upgrade since October, but have only been able to purchase one so far. As soon as they are in stock, they sell out in minutes.
    I have a Basket bike on order,that will be getting the 11 speed and with belt drive.

  • Adam says:

    @ Alan

    “It’s a beauty, but wow, that’s up there for a city bike.”

    Yes, but compared to owning a car…

    I think my biggest problem with owning such a $$$ bike (other than not having that kind of money) is what mitchell mentioned. How can you make such a bike secure enough?

  • jnyyz says:

    also the many european bikes listed in this thread

  • msrw says:

    Ithink with really high end commuter bikes, one simply has to do what we’ve always done with our expensive racing bikes–bring them into wherever we were heading.

    But that said, Comotion seems to have this bike over-priced. For about the same amount of money, I recently purchased a Ti dutch commuting bike with Rohloff, Galtes carbon drive, Sondelux, Edelux, XTR brakes, custom wheel build, custom black sheep Ti fork etc.

  • steve says:

    @ msrw:
    Is your Dutch Ti bike a Van Nicholas, or something else? What do you think about it so far?

  • msrw says:

    Hi Steve,

    I actually have three Van Nicholas bikes: 1) an Amazon; 2) a Rohloff Amazon Ladies with a Gates Carbon Drive; and 3) a Rohloff Pioneer with a Gates Carbon Drive. I bought the Amazon as a brevet bike, and was so impressed by the design, quality and by Van Nicholas service that my wife and I bought the other two bikes a month later.

    These bikes are all relatively new, and we’re still perfecting all the details, but when they’re complete in the next month or so, I’ll provide some high quality photos and a comprehensive appraisal here–Thanks, Alan for your gracious invitation on that.

    I’ve had a number of Ti bikes over the years and currently have a Ti tandem, along with the three Van Nicholas machines. The bottom line is that the design, material and build quality for the Van Nicholas Amazons and Pioneer are all superior to Litespeed, Moots or Santana–the three other Ti brands I’ve owned. The Amazon is the best handling, most versatile bike I’ve ever owned–the Ladies Amazon handles identically to the men’s which is unusual in a ladies frame. The Pioneer is an order of magnitude better than the Surly LHT or Gazelle Touche I used to own–both are touring/commuting/cargo bikes, as is the Pioneer.

    Also, it was easy to deal with Jan Saant Nichoas, the owner of Van Nicholas–shipping to the U.S. is via DHL, and cost only 30 Euros.

    Please feel free to contact me off list if you’d like any additional info.

  • steve says:

    Hey, Msrw
    Wow, impressiveTitanium bicycle information, I’m looking forwrd to your future post on Van Nicholas. Although the regular priced bikes on their website are currently a bit out my price range, (though I like the amazon and pioneer) the clearance bike section is a nice touch; looks like there are some good deals to be had there.

  • Rick says:

    Also in the EU –
    Bulls Sturmvogel-11:

  • Steve says:

    Overpriced. There is no way the Alfine is Rohloff quality and for those $$$$ you
    can buy a bike with the German hub fitted. Early reports are that the Alfine 11 is not as reliable in terms of shifting as the 8 version or nexus. Check around on the internet! So that’s a LOT of money to pay. Still if you really want the latest thing…..
    For this kind of money I’d be looking at a nice lugged bike from Rivendell, Boulder and the like!

  • Alan says:


    Co-Motions are expensive because they’re handmade to order (semi-custom) in Oregon. So even though they’re tig-welded, the quality is up there. The hub is only a small contributor to the overall price (approximately $200 more than the Alfine 8 at this time).

  • Steve says:

    Alan, I’m aware that Co-Motions are semi-custom and made in Oregon( as are Bike Friday’s) and both companies make fine products, in some ways the best of their type. However…Home grown in Oregon is not beneficial to customers who live outside the area or indeed outside the country. It’s a world market and as such products must be competitive for what they offer.My point was that it doesn’t make much sense to spend almost $4000 on a bike with just an Alfine hub when you can get something of the same quality for less with a superior IGH like the Rohloff. And you can! While it is to be expected to pay a premium for a semi-custom bicycle, at some point it goes beyond quality and into the realms of Boutique. I’m not sure what Commuters in Eugene or Portland pay on average for a bicycle for commuting purposes but as you say, that is UP THERE!
    While I admit cost isn’t everything and beauty has no price, even with fine bicycles, that is STILL an expensive price for a commuter bike with a Shimano hub and what looks like Avid BB7 disc brakes which can be found on entry level mountain bikes.
    I’ll bet that Co-motion frame is beautifully made and that it is a sweet ride but
    I think at that pricing level … well…
    You have me interested. I’ll go check Co-Motion’s website now to see if I’m missing something! If I end up buying one, I’ll have to eat my words!

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