One More From the Road: Point Cabrillo Light Station

Brommies at Point Cabrillo

We spent most of the day on the road, but before making the long trek home we had to stop by to see the beautifully restored Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. Point Cabrillo is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on the North Coast, and the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse is without a doubt one of the most beautiful old buildings up here.

Brommies at Point Cabrillo

We rode our bikes out early and saw only one other person hiking the bluffs, though we shared the area with a dozen deer and a pod of gray whales passing by not far off shore. It was a fitting end to a wonderful trip.

Michael at Point Cabrillo

Here’s some information about Point Cabrillo from the Point Cabrillo Light Station website:

Although Point Cabrillo was surveyed by the U. S. Lighthouse Service in 1873, construction of the Light Station didn’t begin until after the 1906 earthquake. The demand for lumber to rebuild San Francisco meant that maritime commerce on the north coast was at an all time high and a Lighthouse was critical to the safety of the ships and their valuable cargo. Construction of the Light Station began in 1908, and the lens was illuminated for the first time on June 10,1909, under head keeper Wilhelm Baumgartner.

The Point Cabrillo Light Station California State Historic Park includes the historic 1909 Light Station (30.5 acres), and approximately 270 acres of undeveloped coastal bluffs and prairie.

The property was purchased and preserved from development in 1992 by the California State Coastal Conservancy and managed by a non-profit affiliate, the North Coast Interpretive Association. In 2002, the property transferred to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Management of the Preserve’s programs and restoration activities was assumed by a newly formed non-profit organization: The Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers Association (PCLK).

The California Department of Parks and Recreation provided the Coastal Conservancy with four million dollars to be used for the restoration of the historic Light Station. During the five years, 2002 to 2006, the Coastal Conservancy granted that money to the PCLK who under the supervision of State Parks, used the funds to restore two of the three light keepers’ houses and the three historic out buildings. Restoration of the West Light keepers’ house exterior is complete. Restoration of the West House interior, along with the historic fencing and gardens will be accomplished as additional funds become available.

Point Cabrillo Light Station

[For those who were wondering, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. —Alan]

9 Responses to “One More From the Road: Point Cabrillo Light Station”

  • eddie f says:

    Hello Alan,

    I know you know this, but it can’t hurt to say what has been said before: damn nice photos. Happy New Year.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I love light houses, thanks for sharing the beautiful waterfront shots!

  • Alan says:

    Many thanks – I very much appreciate the kind words.


  • SM says:

    I can’t take my eyes off the second photo…beautiful!

  • TS Wu says:

    Lovely! how did you prevent keystoning in the photos of the light house? Were you able to get far away and a little elevated?

  • Alan says:

    @TS Wu

    Thanks! I was shooting with a 50mm (80mm equiv. on my 50D APS-C body), so I was back from the lighthouse far enough to prevent noticeable keystoning. No correction was required in Photoshop.


    PS – Both photos were shot at eye level.

  • Karen says:

    Lovely pictures. I’m taking my folding bike to Northern CA a couple of times this spring and am looking forward to seeing the sights. These shots have me very excited about our trip.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Karen. Enjoy your trips up north!


  • Seamus King says:

    Deer and the whales! You are lucky people. No motorists at the time of year. Very lucky people.

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