Gallery: Spencer’s Brompton M6L-X

Brompton M6L-X

[Spencer sent us these photos of his Brompton M6L-X. —ed.]

This is my Brompton M6L-X which I use to commute 7-10 miles daily. I live in an apartment and am pursuing my MBA in Madison, WI, so space for bike parking is at a premium. In fact, the Brompton fits inside my locker at school. I have the ITChair, a child seat for transporting my kids to school, church, the park, or the store. This is a super versatile bike and I love every pedal stroke.


Brompton M6L-X
Brompton M6L-X

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  • Michael says:

    Excellent; I’m from Madison and well-recognize the Howard Temin Lakeshore path on which you appear to be riding near Eagle Heights and Picnic Point. I cannot believe it fits in your school locker. May I ask, where did you purchase it in Madison? Was it a reasonably price? Also, do you know the weight capacity of the Brompton?

  • Spencer says:

    I just moved to Madison from Utah, where I was a manager at Mad Dog Cycles, where I purchased the Brompton. I believe the only dealer in town is Budget Bicycle, who only recently became a dealer. There is supposed to be an experienced dealer in Chicago. Since I worked for the dealer, I made sure to add every option available (titanium, 6-speed, Schmidt dynamo, Brooks, etc.). The weight capacity is 110kg, I believe, plus 20k in luggage (285lb total).

    You nailed the spot, by the way, well done. The tree was at the intersection of Babcock and Observatory (by the Agricultural Dean). The locker is in the MBA locker room, so I suppose it’s not the average locker. I did secure a bike locker outside Grainger Hall, accommodating my Salsa Casseroll w/ studded tires–much better in the snow (although we currently have none!). Check out my blog for more pics and bike stories.

  • Kris says:

    Wow! I did not know you could fit a child seat on the Brompton! What product did you use?

  • Spencer says:

    The child seat is made in Spain by ItChair. Here are some links for more info!

    My blog of when I purchased it:

    My blog of when I installed it on my Demo Brompton:

    ItChair’s website:

    Some Clever cycles links (they sometimes stock them):

    Hope that helps! I love using it. It incorporates smoothly into the fold. It barely protrudes farther to the side than the folded pedal. Barely.

  • Kris says:

    Thanks, Spencer! Very informative!

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