#BikeNYC: Portrait of the New York Cyclist

From the #BikeNYC blog:

#BikeNYC is a project by Brooklyn photographer Dmitry Gudkov. The name refers to the Twitter hashtag, which allows disparate people to talk to each other about everything related to cycling in New York. The idea is to meet other people who cycle in the city and take a cool portrait of them with their bike. I also like to feature a few words about each subject.

Since I ditched my monthly Metrocard and started biking everywhere, I’ve gotten to know the city much better, and now I’d like to get to know some of the other people that I see biking alongside me. I like the idea of all these people who may have very little in common, apart from the fact that we all bike in this city.

In between portrait posts, I’ll be updating with less formal #bikenyc related photos, thoughts, and links.

I absolutely love Dmitry’s work. Well worth a look.

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