NYCeWheels E-Assist Brompton


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  • Larry Guevara says:

    The battery bag seems to be a good solution for moving the battery on and off easily. The Grin Cyclery ( has side bags that attach to a rear rack.

  • kanishka new england says:

    tempting… so the battery is about 1/3 of the weight. 18 lbs overall. if you combine that with a superlight folder and 1 speed (titanium brompton, swift alum, or dahon alum models) which NYCE does offer, maybe down to 38 lbs overall and 32 lbs for bike and 6 lbs in a separate bag. you could probably still lug that up one or two flights of stairs. but still could strain your shoulder, back.

    the main thing holding me back from an electric conversion is i don’t want to add that much lifting weight and riding weight to my bike, only to be used 1 or 2 times a week. rest of the time, i don’t feel any need for electric assist. occasionally, when time is presed and i want to get somewhere at 20 mph would be nice.

    but switching to 1 speed to save weight would also cramp my non electric riding style.

    amazing how mature the market has become on this product, thanks to people like NYCE wheels. a few more years and it will probably be the weight i’m seeking and i’ll probably convert my folder.

  • Jeff I says:

    I wonder how far you can go on a battery charge?

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