Mitchell’s Midtown

Mitchell Connell on his Midtown

Here’s our “Why I Ride” Photo Contest Grand Prize winner Mitchell Connell on his new Civia Midtown. For those who missed the contest back in October, Mitchell took top honors over nearly 300 photographers. His prize consisted of the Civia Midtown pictured here as well as a grab bag of cool accessories from our other contest sponsors.

Mitchell Connell on his Midtown
Mitchell Connell on his Midtown

Many thanks to Civia for donating the bike for our contest, and congratulations to Mitchell on his much deserved win. It looks like he’s having a great time with his new bike!

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2 Responses to “Mitchell’s Midtown”

  • Michael says:

    Excellent contest. I like too the winner rides despite snow on the ground, like me–but on only one wheel at times!

    Cheers. Michael

  • Fergie348 says:

    An EcoVelo reader pops a wheelie? In snow? Alert the presses!

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