Gallery: Richard’s Brompton


[Richard sent us these photos of his Brompton for the Gallery. —ed.]

I had a problem I wanted a bike for my trips to Baghdad – I only ever spend 3 weeks here at a time every 6-8 weeks and I was sick of having to drive a HUGE 5.7l truck the 6km into and away form work every night.

They sell bikes on this base but they are cheap $180 stomp and you break a crank type of bikes. So to bring one out – that would be a pain and where could I keep it when I go home or other places. The solution a new Brompton and a flight-case for it. As I only ever have hand luggage the size is no issue – I am probably still travelling lighter than the average Joe.

Lovely to cycle in the morning – even when it is hot the ride is great – takes about 11min no slower than the old car took but much more liberating.

Now its winter but no great shakes about 7C in the morning and up to 18C in the day ….. Lakes here are full of Cormorants, ducks, pied kingfishers, egrets, the odd grey heron and the very large Carp they feed on.

Not the worst commute I have had to do.

—Richard Crawford

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