The Frenzy

Crazy Drivers

The headlong rush toward Christmas was palpable on the roads tonight. It felt as if there were more, and more frenzied, motorists going every direction at breakneck speeds. Take extra care out there over the next week.

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  • Brad Hawkins says:

    I’ll say so! Tonight’s ride home from work was unnecessarily terrifying and I was thinking that this must be because of the Christmas rush, even here in Seattle.

    Ride carefully!


  • bongobike says:

    Every year I notice the same thing. As Christmas approaches car traffic increases and drivers go nuts making mad dashes to and from stores! All they are thinking about is buying, buying, buying and how they’re going to pay for all the unnecessary junk, how little time they have, etc. Combine that with long periods of darkness, and you have a recipe for disaster. I usually stop riding altogether until the new year. BE SAFE AND HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON AND A NEW YEAR FULL OF PEACE AND LOVE! And let’s make it less materialistic, please. :-)

  • Garth says:

    Cool picture. Not really the case here in Illinois right now. We have enough snow on the roads right now that traffic has been lighter and moving more slowly, at least when I’ve been riding.


  • John says:

    I agree, Alan. Riding home from an errand at 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday felt like a frenzied rush hour. I’ll take side streets whenever possible.

  • Jack says:

    Great photo.

    Even better advice.

    Be Safe Everyone.

  • Bob P. says:

    My ride this morning was pretty irritating, drivers are definitely more aggressive.

  • David Bolles says:

    (Warning* quick story below)
    Along with the rushed Christmas shopping came a quick snowfall here on the East Coast. I had my first commute home in steady but, not heavy, snowfall last night.
    To my surprise people were driving like there was bad weather. Slowly!
    I remember reading in a “winter weather riding” blog that people will call you crazy but, you’ll find that drivers may show more respect for you as a rider. I found this to be true once the fall became cold quicker than expected…
    So as I made my way home last night in the cold, through the snow I appreciated the fact that I was with the cars and they saw me. I loved feeling the weather as well as having solid communication with drivers.
    As I reached the last two blocks of my commute I thought “Wow, I’m so fortunate I made it this far so safely. Didn’t even have to walk the bike……. OH and would you look at that nice icy sheen that’s on the roa—-” then a quick, hard crash on my side. So fortunate I was the only one on the road.
    Time for some winter tires in 27X1.25.

    So, please, shop smart and ride safe.

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