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Civia Hyland

I was going through some old photos, cleaning house before setting up an archive, when I came across this photo from 2008 of an old favorite that’s since moved on to a new home. I can rattle off a list of every bike I’ve ever owned, and even though I’ve enjoyed nearly every one of them, a few stand out in my mind, for whatever reason. This Civia’s one of them, my old Rivendell-ized Tour Easy is another, as are a handful of lugged-steel favorites from the 1980’s, including a particular Ferrari Red bike built by Bill Davidson in Seattle (that one I seriously regret letting go). Do you have any old favorites that you find yourself pining for now and again?

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  • 300 Pound Gorilla says:

    My Gold Rush frame has been toast for most of a decade. It’s still in my garage. I just can’t bear to part with it even though it’s no longer safe to ride. Pining is an understatement. One day, I will have enough cash to replace it, but I’ll probably go with the Tour Easy next time.

  • Larry Guevara says:

    A 1980’ish Colin Laing frame with internal cables, brazed everything, cantis, under-top-tube fluorescent light, long wheelbase, could tour anywhere but still fast when unweighted, he let me flute the seat stays, that I gave to my brother and it was promptly stolen.

    I should have never let that bike our of my sight.

  • Urb Anwriter says:

    ATP R-20 (SWB, USS) recumbent; the under-seat intermediate shift was a dog, but the bike was an absolute blast going downhill.

  • Dan says:

    I don’t really have any regrets. The bikes I have now fit better both in terms of frame sizing and in terms of utility. Then again, I haven’t been riding nearly as long as you, Alan.

    I don’t know about the other readers on here, but I would love to see a list or all the bikes you’ve owned.

  • Mel Hughes says:

    I wish I could ride my 1960 Schwinn Racer once again just to see what it feels like now, and maybe what it felt like to be 10. The too, I wish I had kept the 1978 Schwinn Superior I bought in college and the 1987 Peugeot PY10fc I had a few years later. All were wonderful bikes.

  • Ken says:

    Thanks to your photos, and your review, I bought a Civia Hyland a few months ago. I would probably never have learned about the Civia brand if not for EcoVelo.

    My bike is almost identical to the steed in the photograph above. My new bike is beautifully designed, comfortable, efficient, and is predictable and forgiving which I appreciate during night and winter riding.

    With the matte, army-green paint job , I feel like an imaginary WWII Swiss courier ferrying important documents down to headquarters when in fact I am just ferrying a burrito to my office for lunch. To round out my fantasy, I am looking for materials to make a curved, top of front fender old world-style license plate.

  • Fergie348 says:

    Pretty much every bike I’ve replaced has been supplanted by something better or more suitable for how I ride now. That said, I had a Bridgestone X0-1 from about 1993 that I toured across country on that I’d like to have back. I crashed it and just couldn’t get it together to have a custom fork made for it to replace the one bent in the crash.

    It was a pretty weirdo bike (60 cm road bike with road brakes and 26″ wheels – longest head tube you’ve ever seen..) but it was super on choppy pavement and a good tourer although a little flexy (Tange prestige tubeset) for that application.

  • Michaelniel says:

    Early 90’s Rockhopper…..white with the red decals. At one point in my late teens/early twenties I rebuilt it and painted it bright yellow. Served me well for MANY miles, but at some point I just HAD to trade up to a Schwinn homegrown hardtail. Still have the homegrown….wish I still had the Rockhopper (It would be an AWESOME winter commuter).

  • don in portland says:

    A dark metalflake green Merz, Reynolds 753 road bike. Beautifully built, great handling, everything I could ask for in a “hot rod” bike. It was totalled in a bike/car accident some 20 years ago. It was replaced, concidentally, by a Davidson,which I still have.

  • voyage says:

    I pine for the Schwinn Stingray I had as a little kid and I pine for the NOS Raleigh Technium Reynolds 531 frame circa 1991 I plan to build one of these days…

  • Scott says:

    As the new owner of this bike, and coming late to this thread, I’m very happy with it. I upgraded the front light to a Lumotec IQ Cyo R Senso Plus Black, and ran a wire to power a rear red light, too. I’d love to add a front rack, but haven’t gotten around to biting that bullet yet. :)

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