Velo Orange Grand Cru Ti Saddle

Velo Orange Saddle

Velo Orange just received the first batch of their new Grand Cru Ti saddles:

The Grand Cru saddle has a titanium frame and rails. The shape of the top is like our very popular VO Model #3 saddle, but with a cutaway skirt to save weight. The skirt is laced to prevent flaring as the saddle ages. The leather is extra thick and there is an anti-stretch layer laminated onto the bottom to further increase longevity.

Weight is about 420g, length is 285mm, and width is 170mm. This is a particularly good saddle for those who like their handlebars at or above saddle height. The rails are extra long and it does have bag loops.

Great looking saddle. At $195, it’s not for the budget conscious, but it’s significantly less than the equivalent Brooks.

Velo Orange

9 Responses to “Velo Orange Grand Cru Ti Saddle”

  • Androo says:

    I might be able to be proven wrong, but that looks awfully racy for a bike that would have its “handlebars at or above saddle height.” Nice enough piece of kit, but not for me.

  • Mr. S. says:

    I have the Brooks Titanium Swallow, so named because you gulp when you hear the price. I did get it on sale for 50%, but I still wouldn’t tell my wife what I spent. The Swallow is on my race bike. @Androo has a point if the VO saddle has similar dimensions.

  • Joseph E says:

    Re: Androo said: “but that looks awfully racy for a bike that would have its “handlebars at or above saddle height.”

    You are right, VO must have gotten it mixed up. According to Alan’s last post, “The Model 3 is VO’s answer to the ubiquitous Brooks B-17 Champion Special”, so I would expect this saddle to be better if your handlebars are at or BELOW saddle height.

  • Mr. S. says:

    Yeah, it’s about the width of a B17, and one or two cm wider than the Swallow or B17N. Odd choice to make a standard saddle in titanium; wouldn’t you only spend the coin to keep your fast bike light?

  • Scott says:

    The width is 170mm … basically the same as a B17 or the VO Model 3, which are both suggested for handlebar height at or slightly above the saddle. The trimming of the skirt, along with the titanium rails, is intended to reduce the overall weight (or so it’s stated). I assume it’s also intended to give a “racier” or “custom modified” look that many people desire. Of course, with these modifications, they’ve included a much larger price tag as a bonus.

    With the thicker leather, longer titanium rails, trimmed skirt, and lacing, it looks to me like a collective of things people like from the Team Pro, Swallow, and Swift, all built into a B17-sized top. I’ve wished for those things often … but my wish also had a lower price. I guess I can’t have everything, though. Looks like a great saddle to me, as long as the quality and durability is there. The price seems reasonable if it’s built to last, as all of my Brooks saddles are.

    Any thoughts on titanium versus steel rails for durability? I’m guessing Brooks wouldn’t use them on their high-end models if they didn’t work, or weren’t strong enough, but I’ve never tried them myself.

  • Joe says:

    Don’t let the look fool you – those dimensions are very similar to a b-17. I’d guess the target market is Randonneurs, long-distance commuters and 24-hour racers…. People who want comfort, efficiency, and durability.

  • JeffS says:

    A Ti B17 from Wiggle is what, $230 shipped?

  • Jammy says:

    Looks nice! I’m really enjoying my sprung VO saddle, it’s always good to see exciting new products from a specialty dealer.

  • matt says:

    It sure looks nice. If its the nifty (with a capital N) appearance you’re after, Gyes sells a sprung version with steel rails but the same cut away sides and lacing. May look even niftier with the springs, has to be more comfortable and you can get it for less than $75 including S&H on Crow Cycle’s web site. If you want the lightness and high performance of Ti, I guess you’ll have to fork over two bills at VO.

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