New York City Bike Wars

6 Responses to “New York City Bike Wars”

  • Warren says:

    Looking forward to this in Sydney in the not too distant future.

  • Thor says:

    great piece. I was afraid to see another critical mass demonstration kind of thing with brutal aggression from every side.
    Its a long way to Kopenhagen :-)


  • Ted says:

    I had two problems with this video. First, it’s very one sided. Second, it repeats Fox News’ framing of this issue as a “war.”

    Here’s my comment on this video from Commute by Bike:

    Here we go again. The framing of new cycling policies and infrastructure in New York as a “war.” This time it’s cycling advocates regurgitating this unhelpful construct. It’s in the form of a slickly produced video from EcoMobility. The cycling advocates in this video are attractive and well-spoken. In the other corner, representing the anti-cyclist position, is one hostile and inarticulate cab driver filmed from behind–presumably surreptitiously.

    Am I the only one bothered by this?

  • Alan says:


    The title is unfortunate, but I like the piece as a whole. I wouldn’t expect it to be much more balanced coming from an advocacy organization. They probably should have just left out the comments from the cab driver, which would have made it more of a straightforward advocacy piece.


  • Lee Trampleasure says:

    I found the piece very thorough, complete with opinions I disagree with. For example, they guy saying that there need to be other laws for bicycles. Look at all the people riding against traffic in the video. This is not something I want to condone. As bike lanes become more successful, there won’t be room to ride against the flow.

    I think the taxi driver was a great addition. The perspective of a driver, who complains about all the bicyclists who break the rules, and his fear that “if I hit one, they’re dead” is very informative that many drivers get mad at cyclists who violate the law for this exact reason. When cyclists are killed in traffic incidents, I don’t usually hear the bicycle community asking “but was s/he riding legally?” The blame is usually put on the driver. Given the number of cyclists who do ride illegally, I’m sure that some of the incidents are due to cyclists. Locally, a rider died after crossing the middle line and colliding with a car (riding 45+ down a hill with a 25 MPH speed limit). There was no outrage in the cycling community about what that cyclist made the driver have to live with. I can’t imagine, even knowing it was not the driver’s fault, how hard it would be to live with being involved in an incident where someone else died.

    We need to remember that drivers need to be our allies, and we need to listen to them.

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    I think they want viewers to expect a war, and then see that it really isn’t so much to get worked up about. The film does not appear to be an American production, which might explain why they don’t have a problem using this rhetoric.

    @Lee Trampleasure
    The difference is that a car driver driving illegally is putting other people’s lives at risk. A cyclist riding illegally is, at most, putting their own life at risk. This shows up in statistics too. 90% of killed cyclists in the USA died in collision with a motor vehicle. It’s not the cyclists that are dangerous, it’s the motorists.

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