A Few More From Our Grand Prize Winner

Mitchell Connell of Nashville, Tennessee, took top honors in our “Why I Ride” Photo Contest. Mitchell’s winning photo was part of a high school art project documenting a 9-day, 462-mile bike tour he took with his twin brother Spencer and best friend Robert. Mitchell gave me permission to post a PDF of the complete set of photos included in his photo book project here on the site. Like his winning photo, I think the full set nicely captures the camaraderie and catharsis that are such an integral part of these kinds of trips.

View the photo set [1.7mb PDF] →
View more of Mitchell’s work on Flickr

4 Responses to “A Few More From Our Grand Prize Winner”

  • matt chia says:

    Very compelling image set and I am really glad that you have posted them. The one with him (jumping, hanging on a tree)? could be another good contender for the award! Great works from M.C.

  • Jay Ritchey says:

    Fantastic photo essay. Maybe one of the better set of photos from a tour. What a great candid style. -Jay

  • WPM says:

    I’m curious: did Mitchell Connell shoot slide (or negative) film and then scan the results? The images seem to have that warm glow of film.

  • mitchell connell says:


    During the trip I brought along an AE-1 Program with assorted film. Nearly all of the photos that I used in my book, including this one, were taken with Kodak Elite II slide film that is sadly nearly impossible to find these days.


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