Gallery: Michael Nielsen’s Jamis Aurora

Jamis Aurora
Jamis Aurora

[Michael sent us these photos of his ’07 Jamis Aurora. —ed.]

’07 Jamis Aurora in the 60cm range. I picked this bike up off of C-list back in 08 as what I consider my first real commuting bike. There are quite a few changes/upgrades from the stock Aurora, most of which were made by the previous owner, and a few that I’ve made myself. Most Notably, Shimano 105 10 speed triple (temperamental as for tuning, but sweet when dialed in….I would prefer the stock setup actually, but the bike came to me this way), Easton EA50sl wheels (light and fast for a commuter, but they’ve stood up to thousands of miles of daily beating by a 250 lb. rider…..again, it came to me that way), Thompson stem and seatpost, Old Man Mountain rear rack (would like to upgrade to a rack with a second rail so I can use my trunk bag without fighting with the panniers), Planet bike fenders, B17. I’ve recently added studded tires – Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106’s in a 700×35 for winter commuting again, and I run 700×35 Conti touring plus’ in the warm season. I have used this bike for my 12 mile round trip commute, as well as lengthy weekend joyrides for the past two years. She treats me well rain or shine. I sure love these Arkel bags she came with too….they’re a good mix of tough utility and ease of use. I also can’t say enough about the pletscher kickstand that I’ve added recently, although it has caused trouble with shifting due to cable rub. Now she just needs a good tune up and a remedy for the shifting issue and we’ll be ready for a few thousand more miles!

Michael Nielsen

8 Responses to “Gallery: Michael Nielsen’s Jamis Aurora”

  • David Bolles says:

    Looks to be a wonderful commuting machine!! Is that Brooks bar tape on there? How do you feel about it?
    Oh, and the bike came with Arkel bags?! Seems like a killer CL find.

    Hope you enjoy it for many miles to come.

  • Michaelniel says:

    Thanks David. The bar tape is vinyl…not sure of the brand, but it’s a nice color match. It’s reasonably comfortable, and I like that it doesn’t absorb moisture. As for the bags, I know….it was a major score! I’ll be keeping an eye on the list this winter for a more sporty ride ;)

  • jason says:

    I wish more bikes would use quill threaded stems. Not sure why by threadless just sticks out to me.

    This bike would be even more charming with a quill

  • Ryan says:

    I have a 2000 Jamis Aurora and it has a quill stem. It is a nice bike and handles being loaded well. Yours looks like a great setup, love the Arkel bags.

  • voyage says:

    Looks like a *potentially* great CL find!

    Not to criticize, just to wonder: I wonder about the rim/tire combination. All I can find about the Easton EA50 series indicates an internal rim width of 13 mm (Nashbar carries the EA 50, but I get the impression the rim is out of production). Is it advisable to put tires having a 35ish mm width on 13ish mm rims?

    Reviews of rims don’t seem to go into this issue and there doesn’t seem to be much valid research. So maybe, maybe not…

  • Michaelniel says:

    @ voyage,

    Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I can’t find them on the Easton site anymore, but they’re currently offering the EA50 Aero which is just an updated version (very recent…I could swear the EA50SL’s were still on there just weeks ago). These have been great for me so far though, and I’ve put about 3,000 miles on them so far, loaded, 250lb. rider, with 35’s…and not a single hiccup. They still run smooth and true. Unbelievably, I’ve had only one flat (due to a faulty valve stem)…….but I do run armored tires. Here’s Easton’s explanation of the new EA50 Aero which makes me think their “supposed” to be ok for my uses:

    This is actually my first foray into a “real” commuting bike though…so I’m just making assumptions based on my limited experience with this setup. I’ve been thinking about picking up a road frame and swapping the majority of the parts from the Jamis to that frame, and using more standard commuter/touring fare on the Aurora, but when I do the math it’s more expensive to do that than to just buy a new bike…so I’ll be riding her like this for years to come…unless I find another perfect CL buy ;). I do wish that chains weren’t so expensive though….the difference in cost between a 10sp and a 9sp chain seems silly.


  • voyage says:

    I haven’t tired of this topic.

    See the table at:

  • Michaelniel says:

    Good link Voyage. I was just about to motivate and get back on the bike after a few weeks of getting fat and lazy. I’ll definitely be taking this into account the next time I swap out any parts!

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