Trees By Bike

Trees by Bike

Trees By Bike sells locally-grown Christmas trees and delivers them by bike to neighborhoods around Portland, OR. Here’s how it works: is a small collective of Portland folks who are looking to spread some holiday cheer, make a little extra money, and raise some cash for things we care about. All of our trees are locally grown and 10% of your order total is donated to specific charities, foundations, and groups depending on who delivers your tree. We let our Riders of Yule decide where the money they work for goes. To find the charity, foundation, or organizations that each rider donates to, please check the “Riders” page.

What a cool way to spread Holiday cheer!

Trees By Bike

3 Responses to “Trees By Bike”

  • Pete says:

    Cool idea. We have a garden center a block away, so my wife and I just carry our tree home on foot. (No idea how the trees get to the garden center, of course, but I’m sure it’s not pretty, from an ecological perspective.)
    I was thinking about how I’d do it by bike if it were farther away, and assumed I’d need a trailer. However, the web site for this company shows him carrying the tree strapped to his back!

  • Bob P. says:

    We did the same as Pete, although the tree place is half a mile away. I carried the heavy end. It was one of the few times a car stopped to allow us to cross the street in a crosswalk without trying to kill us. We may get a pet tree for our nightly walks.

  • CedarWood says:

    We’ll be cycling to the tree spot this weekend with my Burley Travoy. It’s truly a fine thing.

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