Phil’s Brommie Hub (and a New Website)

Phil Brommie Hub

Phil Wood & Co., makers of some of the best hubs and bottom brackets on the planet, recently updated their website. It’s looks super. Some interesting products I noticed while perusing the site include the Brompton front hub shown above, and a line of belt-drive-specific components. Yowza.

Phil Wood & Co.

4 Responses to “Phil’s Brommie Hub (and a New Website)”

  • JWLane says:

    I always pack my bearings with Phil Wood lube. I out coast a lot of fancy road bikes on my old hi-ten steel beater.

  • Allan Pollock says:

    they make some unbelievably nice hubs….but jw, you’re paying too much for yer grease!


  • Thor says:

    not to forget that these beautfull hubs with 74 mm width will also fit perfectly in any Dahon
    who likes Brommies but is somewhat biased about Dahons

  • Alan says:

    Sorry, Thor; we like Dahons too! :-)

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