Traffic Cycle Design

Traffic Cycle Design

Please join us in welcoming our newest sponsor, Traffic Cycle Design, of Southhampton, NY.

About Traffic:

Traffic Cycle Design was founded to design and build practical, beautiful bicycles for use by all types of riders. Beginning in 2006, Spencer Wright has been building frames on a custom and short-run production basis. All frames are made from only the highest quality tubing and parts and are crafted by hand to provide a lifetime of riding. We work with our customers on all aspects of the design process, and specialize in customizing your bicycle to suit your particular riding needs and component selection. We also put a lot of energy into keeping up on the most interesting and exciting aspects of cycling design and technology, so that we’ll be able to build you a bike that will address your specific needs in a stylish, efficient manner.

We love bicycles, and try to appreciate each one for the utility it provides its user. We look forward to working with you on yours.

Traffic Cycle Design

2 Responses to “Traffic Cycle Design”

  • Doug says:

    I love “The New Bike”. I am a HUGE fan of belt drive and it looks like they put a lot of thought (and style) into this design! These guys are clearly staying on my watch list for the inevitable new bike.

  • Joseph E says:

    I love the design of that sliding drop-out with the tensioner screw. I’ve heard it can be hard to get the tension high enough on a belt drive to prevent slipping; this set-up would make it much easier.

    But how do you get that belt thru the rear triangle? I don’t see where the frame opens up to let the belt in.

    Oh, and is that clear-coated stainless steel? Nice.

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