E-Bike Bikeshare Trial at Cal/EPA


Cal/EPA, in conjunction with BionX, Ecotron, and the City of Sacramento, is conducting a 4-week trial to test a bikesharing program at the Cal/EPA headquarters in Sacramento, CA. The BionX equipped e-bikes used in the program will be available at no charge to Cal/EPA employees for commuting and local transportation over the duration of the trial.

From the press release:

The BionX-equipped systems installed on the bikes in the stations provide riders with a variable power boost of up to 300 percent of their own energy, helping riders tame any hill and making even riding back with a full load of groceries manageable. With features like a thumb -operated throttle for quick accelerations, motor braking for added safety, quick stopping and energy mode regeneration, and a motor locking mechanism for theft prevention, the BionX system is the leading one of its kind in the world.

Project partner Ecotron, Systems Inc. will manufacture the innovative infrastructure for the bike stations. Their proven bike docking systems have been tested to withstand 50,000 bike movements and include a host of features like trip logging, intuitive controls, collision-resistant design and hoardings replacable with advertising and corporate colors.

“We are thankful that Cal/EPA and the City of Sacramento, supported by the Governors office, have allowed us to use the Cal/EPA facilities to test this exciting program. It’s a completely new model for employee, client and visitor bike and e-bike sharing programs on work or educational campuses, and at hotels, tourist destinations and police stations,” said Vincent Lamoureux, Magna Marque (BionX) Global Sales and Marketing Director.

10 Responses to “E-Bike Bikeshare Trial at Cal/EPA”

  • Eric says:

    I bet the rider in the suit wishes it had a chainguard.

  • Ralph Aichinger says:

    While this might be a good thing, if it replaces a car for some users, I cannot imagine a public bikeshare system open to all with bikes like these: The batteries are very expensive and there is a real risk of theft or vandalism (much more than with a conventional bike).

  • Alan says:


    I agree, e-bikes don’t seem like a good solution for public bikesharing programs, though in a controlled system like the one being tested at Cal/EPA, they may work pretty well. I like the fact that the assist may encourage someone to give them a try who might otherwise be hesitant because they don’t want to work too hard in their work clothes.


  • Tali says:

    I also find the absence of a chain guard (at least on the bicycle pictured) a bit strange for bicycles intended to be ridden in work clothing.

  • Doug R. says:

    I will add my own flux capacitor and arrive at friday afternoon just in time to get off work and enjoy a nice weekend on a real bike! LOL!

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  • beth says:

    How ’bout some trial (make that “permanent”) bikelanes in downtown Sac to go with those fancy trial bikes?

  • Rob Nelson says:

    Our Sanyo’s have a superb chain guard PLUS internal rear gearing (sans Derailler mess) PLUS stainless steell fenders. Get one for your Mom so she gets off the couch. New video added to the site yesterday.
    Rob Nelson
    Founder GSD E-Bikes Ltd.

  • Theresa Wagner says:

    I have 2 apartment buildings in midtown Sacramento. 1 at 2425 I street and the other at 914 23rd street. (63) studio apartments in all. I have met with the dept of transportation re our bike situation. I have bike racks at both buildings out side that are usually teaming with bikes and residents lock to signs,telephone poles ect. A lot of my residents are working and going to college. We would be very interested in supplying a dock site at either of our properties. They have corner visibility and we have a huge interest by our young people. We have followed Denver,DC and now SanFrancisco is launching a bike share. Sacramento has the bike lanes and the parking meter conversions to bike racks have been great. If it is sites you need. I would be very excited to talk with anyone about it. Thank you in advance.

  • Rob Nelson says:

    Hi Theresa,
    Give me a call to discuss. 216-650-0037 (Ohio)
    Our Sanyo bikes have regeneration capability and they are offered in both 26″ and 28.5″ wheel sizes. We are interested in finding a way to set a solar station also that anyone can use to charge a hybrid car, an e-bike, iPod…..whatever!
    The videos on our site will give you some idea about the Electrification of Transportation Sanyo global strategy. I was on the Skype with Switzerland and London this morning working on the same programs. There the urban density issue added to fuel for cars at the equivalent of $9 a gallon creates a powerful adoption rate for e-bikes as a replacement for the oil burners.
    Take care and thanks for posting.

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