An Early Winter Commute

Scott from Civia sent me this video of early winter commuting in Minnesota. Brrr.

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  • Molly says:

    I commute in Minnesota too. Today wasn’t too cold at all. Two wind stopping layers and good gloves kept me quite cozy. But when it gets below zero, I’ll be singing a different tune! Then the challenge is to warm the air before it gets to your lungs by pulling a balaclava over your mouth, but without fogging the lenses of your glasses or goggles.

  • Fergie348 says:

    Makes me glad I live in California.. I sure would like one of those belt drive bikes, tho!

  • Bob says:

    “Al-fee-né”?! Who knew?

  • Scott says:

    I asked Shimano about their Alfine pronunciation a while back and they said the word originated from the two Italian words “Al” and “Fine”. Loosely translated “to the end”, representing their pursuit of the best commuting group. Hence, the Al-fee-ne pronunciation.

    That said, I still hear it across the board from people within Shimano. Al-fee-ne, Al-fine, we’re all talking about the same thing.

  • 300 Pound Gorilla says:

    Filming that himself with a phone while commuting – nice trick. What do you call that? Panda movie? Should I look forward to a panda movie film festival? I would definitely go see it.

  • Derek says:

    I can’t see the vid, but hat’s off to the MN riders here. The coldest it has been so far this year in the Chicago area has been low 20’s. But it has been very dry, so no chance of fluffy precipitation yet.

  • Ahmad says:

    My respect for Civia continues to grow. Great to see their staff keeping it real.
    I just put on my Schwalbe Marathon Winter (700×35 at 85psi) on my front wheel for the first time to ‘set’ the spikes before the snow and ice arrive at the end of this week.

  • Brandon says:

    3 minutes of winter riding and not a single snot rocket. How does he do it??

  • Alan says:

    He was doing quite a bit of sniffling… :-)

  • Aaron C says:

    35 degrees and you say “brr”? lol

  • Alan says:


    Where I’m at, it’s 68F outside right now. So yeah, 35 sounds a bit chilly. It’s all a matter of perspective… :-)

  • Jeff says:

    Did he blow a stop sign at 0:57?

  • Scott says:

    I was wondering if anyone would notice/care/call me on it.

  • Michaelniel says:

    It’s hard to believe that my morning commute is colder than his (I’m in Denver, and I was running 27 degrees this morning)….I guess latitude isn’t everything :) . I think I’ve decided to change over to a Bryant or Kingfield (whenever the wallet is fat enough). Keeping my derailleur setup in good working order with all the mileage I’m putting on has turned out to be a pain in the rear.

  • Joseph E says:

    Scott, do drivers every flash their headlights at you, due to the Supernova E3?

    I would think that light (which is a very bright, round beam, about 1/2 as bright as an HID headlight or a Magicshine LED light) would bother oncoming traffic, unless it is aimed way down at the road. And I don’t think you need to blind or dazzle oncoming traffic to be visible. BMW headlights are very visible to oncoming traffic, even though they have a sharp cut-off on the low beams

    For this reason I prefer the Schmidt or B&M lights, which have the cut-off, like car low beam headlights, as is legally required in Germany. I think it is a shame that most high-power bike lights in North America are sold with round, unfocused beams. It also wastes light that could instead be focused further down the road.

  • Scott says:


    I do get flashed occasionally, but not often.

    If you’re concerned about a round, unfocused bulb, Supernova does offer a focused bulb in their E3 Pro glare free. The light is a little less bright, since it’s got a single LED, but it takes care of the round bulb issue.

    I’m more concerned with maximum brightness and point my triple so that the bulk of its beam is hitting the road 15-20 feet in front of me with the rest providing peripheral lighting for higher speed needs.

  • Allan Pollock says:

    I mean no offense, but that isn’t really winter riding and there wasn’t really 4-5 inches of snow on the ground. Clear roads, no ice, above freezing temps, no risk of frost bite, etc.. etc..

    That said, I almost find it easier to dress for sub zero temps than for temperatures around freezing. I often find myself over-dressing around this time of year. I end up sweating which is worse than being a bit chilly from being underdressed.

    For the person talking about fogging glasses: the best solution in the winter is to wear ski goggles, in my opinion.

    Allan Pollock

  • Bob says:

    @ Scott
    Yeah, the Italian connection occurred to me as soon as I heard you say “Al-fi-né.” Funny, though, that Shimano would make up an Italian-sounding group name. Whom could they be needling with that, I wonder…

    P.S. Love those belt-driven Civias. Make the Bryant with ample room for Schwalbe 700×40 Marathon Winters with fenders, and I’ll buy one.

    I was thinking the same thing. From now until late April it’s a dash from the bike rack to my office and the tissues before anyone sees the snot worms colonizing my beard. (Is that too gross, Alan?)

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