L.A. One Step Closer to an Anti-Harassment Law

This week, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved moving forward with preparation of an ordinance that would make threats, harassment, or assaults on bicyclists a civil violation with fines of up to $1000 or actual damages, whichever is greater. The ordinance will be prepared by the City Attorney in conjunction with LADOT. This isn’t law quite yet, but if it’s approved, it will be one of the first bicyclists’ anti-harassment laws enacted.

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7 Responses to “L.A. One Step Closer to an Anti-Harassment Law”

  • Rob Mackenzie says:

    Maybe the first in California…


  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Rob! I’ll edit my copy to read “one of the first.”


  • Paul S says:

    We even have an anti-harrassment law in South Carolina. So is it really one of the first?

  • Aaron says:

    So all Stars have to do is bike everywhere and paparazzi can be fined for harassment, Cool. Win-Win. AusAce

  • Alan says:


    That’s great to know. Perhaps others can chime in if they’re aware of bicyclist-specific anti-harassment laws in their areas. I’d be pleased to find out I was wrong… :-)


  • Allan Pollock says:

    I hope that no one takes this the wrong way, but isn’t it illegal to harass people regardless of whether or not they’re on a bike? I think that it would be more effective to simply enforce the laws that are already in place, rather than make a new law that won’t be enforced any more than those already in existence.

    Allan Pollock

  • Alan says:


    It’s my understanding that by putting in place a *civil* ordinance such as this one, the victim can bring the case to court without involvement by law enforcement. Since hoping for a police officer to be on hand every time an altercation takes place is not realistic, this may end up being an effective deterrent and just the tool bicyclists need to bring perpetrators to justice.


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