Breezer Uptown Infinity Specs

Breezer Infinity

The full specs for Breezer’s new flagship commuter, the Uptown Infinity, are now posted on their website. Breezer has promised us first dibs on a review bike this fall; we’re very much looking forward to giving it a workout!


9 Responses to “Breezer Uptown Infinity Specs”

  • Steven Vance says:

    Wow, that is nice. Finally, an American company makes a bike with all the greatness of a Dutch bike.

  • eddie f says:

    holy cro-moly. not a quill stem. how sesnsible.

  • eddie f says:

    wonder if that is 1.125 headtube with reducers or just a 1 incher?

  • Dweendaddy says:

    It is interesting that they put the saddle so high and the handlebars so low in the promo picture. I suspect most Ecovelo-ers would have them reversed.
    Upright is alright, after all.

  • Ralph Aichinger says:

    A closed Chainguard? Very good idea!

  • Garth Madison says:

    I wish it had disc brakes at that price point, or that the Finesse had gotten an upgraded hub this year too.

  • Brian says:

    For anyone who is considering riding at night, the lighting on this bike is top notch. The Lumotec IQ Cyo Fly headlight and the B&M Toplight XS tail light put out a lot of light on both ends. Very few bikes come from the store with lights, much less ones of this quality.

  • brad says:

    The only thing I’m not sure I like is the plastic see-through chain guard. In my experience with plastic chainguards, exposure to sunlight makes the plastic brittle after a year or so and it ends up cracking. Cosmetic cracking is no big deal, but the plastic chainguard on my current city bike cracked at the rear attachment (near the hub). Since chainguards that come with the bike are often custom-designed, you have to order another one or hope they’re in stock at your LBS (which is unlikely).

  • Niklas says:

    Nice. No money or space for a new bike but I’ll circulate this one around to my friends.

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