Fall 2010 Sacramento Tweed Ride

Sacramento Tweed Ride

The Fall 2010 Sacramento Tweed Ride is fast approaching. From Sac Tweed:

Since it’s (finally) beginning to feel like Fall around here, it’s time to start planning another Tweed Ride! As always, the route isn’t completely set, but we do have some details to offer:

1. The date will be November 21st, meeting at the Bike Kitchen around 10:30, and will leave around 11:00; we’ve moved the date back a couple of weeks because of the weather–remember last year? Even on the 8th of November, the temperature hit 78 degrees, and we’re hoping for something a bit cooler this year: much more comfortable for those of us wearing tweed!

2. There will be a pre-ride breakfast; in an attempt to make amends for my last choice (and I’m still being teased about that, thank you very much), we’ll be having breakfast at the new Gastro-Pub in town, Kupros. I’m still working out logistics, but will post hours and a menu when I can.

3. Once we leave from the Bike Kitchen, we’ll head over to the Capitol for the obligatory group shot, make our way into West Sacramento, ride around a bit to see all the new biking infrastructure in place, then turn around and head back over to Midtown; then, it’s on to 29th and S, to load up on coffee from Temple, and/or some wine from Revolution Wines (I love their new space); Revolution has offered to provide us with an opportunity to purchase box lunches from them, and the food there is amazing. More details to follow on that.

4. After leaving Revolution, we’ll head over to a local park (unsure as to which one yet, although I’ve narrowed the field to three) and have a great picnic (remember the one in March? Wasn’t that amazing?), complete with some outdoor games this time. From there, it’s off to the Shady Lady for libations (and remember, children are welcome before 10pm), and then off to Hot Italian for a terrific display of bikes–and some pizza, too!!

5. Some of this will be new, some of this won’t be–but it’s a great time to get out and enjoy meeting new people, talk about anything under the sun, and appreciate what a great life we have in Sacramento!

More info at Sac Tweed

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