Alfine 11 Pre-Orders at Harris

Harris Cyclery Alfine 11

Harris Cyclery is taking pre-orders for the much-anticipated Alfine 11 internal gear hub. They’re currently showing a due date of 11/12/10. I’m already thinking about a commuter for next year to build-up around this hub.

Harris Cyclery
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  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    More expensive than I expected, but still less than half the price of a new Rohloff. The question is, will it last half as long as a Rohloff?

  • Tihamér says:

    Lowest price for the 11-speed with shifter here in Europ is 379€ (about 520 $). I have no doubt that it will last as long as a Rohloff. It runs on oil now too, instead of grease ….

  • Aaron says:

    Yeah, definitely more expensive than they had indicated. I’m thinking about picking one of these up for a build I’m plotting out. Can anyone confirm whether this shifter would fit on the Soma moustache bars profiled yesterday?:

  • Alan says:


    “Can anyone confirm whether this shifter would fit on the Soma moustache bars profiled yesterday?”

    Yup. All Shimano trigger shifters fit the standard MTB bar diameter.


  • Stevep says:

    Pre-ordered mine yesterday! (Thanks Elton.)

  • Doug says:

    I needed a new IGH for my new Surly Belt Check last week. I was talking to Jim @ Hiawatha Cyclery in Minneapolis about it on Friday. QBP is showing an availability date of 12/8/10 for the new Alfine 11. Jim said there is a request list with 111 names on it. I assume that’s a dealer waiting list. Jim says that’s the longest list he’s ever seen for a new product. I decided not to wait for it this year and went with my usual Nexus 8 speed. I hope to upgrade in year or two.

  • Greg says:

    Wow — that’s a lot more than I’d expected it to be. Given the 8-speed is around $300, I’d expected this to be in the $450 range. Double the cost for 38% more gears! As mentioned, a relative bargain compared to a Rohloff, but you have to really need those extra gears to justify the cost.

    I wonder if we’ll see a drop in the price of the 8-speed in early 2011 as this thing hits the streets.

  • Alan says:


    “Double the cost for 38% more gears!”

    It does seem a little steep, but this hub is a different animal than previous Nexus and Alfine hubs. The fact that it runs in an oil bath puts it in another class IMO. I’m expecting longer life and far simpler maintenance routines than we’ve had with previous Shimano hubs.


  • Another Aaron says:

    Specs can be found on Shimano USA, not via the “Product” menu, but by hacking the URL for the 8 speed:

    Ordering mine!

  • jun says:

    The price is not a total surprise:

    Brodie has the 11 spd on their “Once” for 2011. The The msrp for once is $1449 for new alfine 11 spd with oil bath hub, fyi: ocho 8 spd alfine is $1049. That means a price difference of $400 between the two hubs.

  • Stevep says:

    I really wonder why Shimano is calling the new hub “Alfine”. The inner workings are completely different, the gear range is larger and Shimano wants to charge much more for it. It couldn’t be more different than the old Alfine hub. Why not call it something new…. like Alhoff? Otherwise would be buyers are going to scratch their heads and ask why they are paying double the price of the old Alfine.

  • Stevep says:

    Re: Aaron et al

    So the closest ratio to 1 is gear 5 at 0.995, does that mean that’s the direct drive?

  • Aaron says:

    Previous reports had pegged the price in the low $400s:

    And I remember reading somewhere that the company had announced that it would be available for a moderate (far less than $400) premium over their 8-speed.

    Plus, as Tihamér says, the prices in Europe are apparently significantly cheaper.

    But given the buzz and preorders, I guess they made the (correct) decision that demand would support a higher price point. Probably a smart call on their part, but it means I’ll probably hold off a bit before ordering one myself.

  • Fergie348 says:

    Well, it’s a flat world now. If you really want one this year, just order one from a European retailer. Simple..

  • Dwainedibbly says:

    Honestly, at that price I’m seriously thinking about a NuVinci for my commuter and not worrying too much about the extra pound.

    I was seriously thinking about an Alfine 11 when the news first hit, but I don’t think I can get gears low enough without violating Shimano’s “1.9:1 minimum” chainring to sprocket ratio. Before you buy one I’d suggest looking at the ratios. The Alfine 11 looks great for a small-wheeled bike like a folder but for a 700C or 650B bike, I’m having serious doubts. With a 38/20 combination with 700C wheels, I get these gear-inches:


    For a commuter bike I’d rather have a lower bottom gear than 26.73. There is no way I’d ever need a 109 inch top gear.

    My iMotion 9 made some awful “popcorn” sounds I skipped a whole bunch when starting up the other day, so I think I’ll be building a new wheel before very long.

  • jnyyz says:

    to be fair to Harris Cyclery, note that they are throwing in a parts kit and a sprocket. If you price things out at the website, it might be a little cheaper, but then you deal with customs, etc.

    and at any rate, the earliest delivery is December.

  • Brian C says:

    I have a couple of applications I would like this for (and given that the Canadian Dollar is close to par, I will be quite happy with the current price). We have one bike with an 8 speed Alfine – works for me, but it does not have enough range for my wife. This new hub should address the problem.

    I am interested in upgrading my wife’s recumbent trike to this – it would make it a true winter riding machine in our climate. And I have a bike that could benefit from the same treatment – although I would probably love to do it on one of Civia’s Bryant frames!

  • John says:

    I was really keen on getting one of these but on closer inspection I’m disappointed with the ratios on the new hub. I wish they’d bring out a touring version with more even gear steps at the bottom end and LOWER gears. Sure I did used to spin out downhill with my 8 speed but I’m ok with that – just happy I made it to the top of the hill! If you want higher gears you just increase the sprocket ratio and sacrifice a bit of the low end. Easy. But low gears are limited by the “miminum sprocket ratio”. Here with adding extra gears, they had the chance to improve on the 8 speed for (hilly) commuters, tourers and mtb-ers. Seems they chose to ignore that market (leave it to SRAM and Rohllof) and concentrated on getting higher gears on fast hybrid commuter style bikes where a low gear in the high 20’s is mostly fine.

  • Another Aaron says:

    Here are a bunch of numbers, gear inches for 26″ wheel around different cogs:

  • Andrew says:

    24-97″ sounds like a pretty stellar set of ratios to me. My current 3×9 with a 12-36T cassette is 23-113, and the bike’s a mountain goat.

  • David K says:

    Am I right in thinking that the Alfine 11 has been out in Europe for a while? Has anyone come across any “real world” reviews of the hub in regular use? I’m interested in using this hub for a new bike, but am always reluctant to be the guinea pig – especially given its price.

    LOVE ecovelo!

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