Soma 3-Speed II Moustache Bars

Soma Moustache II

Soma has a new Moustache bar that accepts mountain bike grips, shifters, and brake levers. It also happens to be drilled for bar-ends. This is a cool handlebar that fills a niche left vacant by the road-only Nitto Moustache.

Material: 6061-T6
Width: 540mm
Drop: 35mm
Grip: 22mm
Clamp: 25.4mm
Weight: 320gm
Price: $39.99


10 Responses to “Soma 3-Speed II Moustache Bars”

  • Joseph E says:

    Nice! They should make a chro-moly steel version for super-long-distance touring. Though I’m sure the aluminum alloy will last long enough for most of us.

  • Billi says:


  • Chris says:

    Thanks Soma. Just in time for Christmas !

  • Jeremy says:

    These look a lot like the soma sparrow bars that i have on my ’72 peugeot. The forward area on the sparrows is not really wide enough to use as a comfortable hand position though. They’re more of a “swept” bar than a true moustache.

  • doug in seattle. says:

    “Drilled for bar ends”

    Awesome! Why doesn’t Nitto do this? Maybe it doesn’t meet their allegedly draconian safety requirements?

  • hippiebrian says:

    Beautiful! I commute on a Gary Fisher due to the condition of the roads in the plant but love the mustache bars I put on my old raleigh super course (my normal daily bike). Now I can have them for the Fisher, and life will be great!

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  • Aaron says:

    Correct my if I’m wrong here, but isn’t the primary benefit of a moustache bar the opportunity to use multiple hand positions? And wouldn’t using mountain bike grips negate this benefit and move you back to just one position?

    Honestly curious, as I’ve been looking into moustache bars for my commuter. And what makes these ‘able’ to accept mtn grips and levers? The tube diameter?

    Thanks for any answers.

  • Alan says:


    Right, it’s the diameter. The Nitto Moustache has a road-lever-friendly 23.8mm clamp diameter whereas these have a 22.2mm MTB clamp diameter.

    To provide multiple hand positions, some people choose to wrap the bend with bar tape in combination with either cork or mountain grips.


  • Aaron says:

    Alan, thanks! I’ve never seen both grips and tape used. Interesting.

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