Abogo is an online tool that estimates transportation costs and transportation-related CO2 emissions for many locations across the country. From Abogo:

Abogo shows you how transportation impacts the affordability and sustainability of where you live. With Abogo, you can discover the costs of where you live now, or where you might want to live. Abogo measures the money an average household from your region living in your neighborhood would spend getting around, including car ownership, car use, and transit use. It also tells you what the CO2 generated by this car use would be. With this information, you can measure the true cost and impact of where you live.

Abogo is powered by the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Housing + Transportation Affordability Index. Instead of only counting just your housing costs, the idea behind H + T® is to include the cost of getting around when thinking about the cost of living in a certain place. This gives you a more complete idea of how the neighborhood fits for your budget.


6 Responses to “Abogo”

  • Adam says:

    That is interesting, but is only useful as an analysis of what exists, not as a tool for choosing where to live. Commute to work has the greatest impact on automotive transportation costs and CO2 emissions, so the simple answer is to live as close to where you work as possible (halfway if you have a dual income household). It would be interesting if they could work into their algorithm one’s home address and work address to personalize the results.

  • Alan says:


    I agree. The tool essentially shows that it’s less expensive and more environmentally sound to live close to work and essential services. We already knew those things happen to be closer to residential areas in urban environments…

  • Adam says:


    I guess I’m just bitter since I live as close to my office as is feasibly possible (2.5 miles) but that map still says I’m in a yellow zone.

  • Fergie348 says:

    Fun! Thanks Alan. This information can be useful in several ways, mostly as motivation and justification of further bicycle related expenses..

    If you track your expenses by category (as you should – mint is a great online income/expense and budget tracking tool, and it’s free..), you can compare your average monthly transportation costs to the Abogo average for your area. My Abogo household average is $908/month, and my actual household transportation monthly average expenses over the last 12 months comes to $485. That includes all spending on cars, bikes and public transit.

    This info may be carefully leveraged into a pitch for new bicycle equipment (look how much we’re saving, Honey!) :)

  • andy says:

    Sorry for the tardy comment. I starred your post on twitter but haven’t had a chance to visit the actual site until now.

    The site is a very simple generalized tool and it does a good job at providing a graphic interpretation of the basic principles of urban density and “walkability.” Obviously there is a lot of directions someone could take this and a lot of other factors that contribute to car use.

    Besides proximity to work I think that proximity to a decent grocery store is an important. I wonder if there is a ‘list’ of sorts of basic neighborhood institutions like a grocery store, a pharmacy, a coffee shop, etc that cover the top 5 or 6 places people shop at on a regular basis. If so, I wonder if there is a way to use google places or something like that to create an infographic/index. That would be way beyond any skill set I have but it would be interesting to cross reference to the Abogo site.

    BTW how did you hear of the site?

  • Abogo Adam says:

    Alan, thanks for sharing our site! I’ve enjoyed reading the discussion, it’s great to get feedback from your users. We’re planning on improving the site!

    @Adam your comment on commuting prompted me to dig in to the numbers- only about 15% of all trips, and 18% of trip miles, are taken up commuting. I wrote it up in a blog here: http://abogo.cnt.org/2010/11/theres-more-transportation-costs-than-commuting/

    @Fergie348 love it! hope get that new equipment!

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