Mary Bernsen’s Photo Contest Entry

Mary Bernsen

Why I ride?

The view is different from the handle bars.
When my legs start moving, clarity of thoughts start flowing.
The busy pace of day-to-day is forgotten.
The senses begin to awaken.

The view is different from the handle bars.
I feel the chill of the morning, the heat of the mid-afternoon sun, and the breeze at night.
I smell the sweet scent of the flowers, the newly mowed grass and the wet pavement.

I hear the insects buzzing, the birds chirping, and the air whispering behind my ears.

The view is different from the handle bars.
Strangers become acquaintances and new friendship emerges.
Scenic locations are discovered and unknown paths are explored.

My soul rejoices as the sense of wonder waits in every turn.
The wind gently strokes my face, and a smile begins to form.

The view is truly different from the handle bars.

Mary Bernsen

[Entry #274]

57 Responses to “Mary Bernsen’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • sexyjack says:

    Go Mary! You’re a rockstar

  • Kristy says:

    I believe you Mary! From the looks of all your gorgeous pictures taken during your bike adventures, the view is not only different from the handlebards, it’s better!!

  • chrissy m says:

    well said sis! i want to be you when i grow up ;-)

  • Hillary says:

    Great photo of a typical Portland morning! This view from the handlebars is why I love being outdoors so much. Your handlebars remind me of an old tennis racket I used to play with.


    Wonderful job on both the photo and essay, Mary! You made me a believer that “the view is truly different from the handlebars”! Just gotta get a bike.

  • Andrew Wong says:

    Awesome!!! Dig the picture and the essay.

  • Shannon says:

    This picture truly inspires me to get outside and enjoy life! It goes so well with your poem as well. Great job Mary!

  • Sherry P. Pineda says:

    The photo is beautiful! Simple yet Ostentatious…it gives the spectator a birdseye view to the calming, contemplative, mesmerizing, meditative look into your passion for riding :) Makes one want to hit the road and ride!

  • Jason G Hugo says:

    Beautiful ‘view’. I want to ride with you one day!

  • Marie Monaghan says:

    What a great photo and wonderful essay. You have inspired me to get my bike out
    and go for a ride!

  • Toy says:

    I love the essay and the photo! I hope to one day soon,see all of your beautiful photos in a book. It would be a best seller for sure! Your photo makes me fill like I am riding on the bridge along with you. It’s in the moment. I am really looking forward to seeing many, many, more photos in the future. Great job Mary! :)

  • Jessica Bernhardt says:

    Mary… you rock! I LOVE all your pictures you take, and this one is absolutely awesome! You are amazing, and I wish you nothing but the best! You are an inspiration with words AND pictures…

  • Jessica Espiritu says:

    What a well-framed photograph!! And taken WHILE riding a bike…very impressive. Great work, as always, Mary!!

  • shannon says:

    Stunning and WOW!! Very poetic and picture perfect! You GO GIRL!!!!!!!! Makes me want to ‘go get on my bike’ NOW!

  • jeannine says:

    I LOVE this!!! You seem to know how to bring out the emotions in your photos. It really makes me want to start riding like you do. You are amazing!!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing YOUR view…Awesome photo! :)

  • Katie says:

    The photo is a great visual of the perspective expressed in the poem. LOVE it!

  • Carmen Guillen says:

    Hi Mary
    I loved it. The quality of the picture it’s great, very clear and amazing scenic, on top of the bridge. If you look below the handles you can feel the speed of the bicycle, it feels like it is moving pretty fast. As I read your essay and see the picture, I can just imagine the beautiful, breathtaking sceneries you went through. I love nature, so I totally understand how you felt about the surroundings. Riding your bike, for such a long distance, you must have felt like a bird flying on the sky without limits. Great Job!

  • Sergio D. Solorzano says:

    I had a feeling that was the reason why you love bicycling. The speed of the adrenaline and the beauty of the ride. The view of the pavement catches your speed, and the view ahead is amazing.

  • Mary Eileen Prise says:

    Mary you are amazing! The picture is fantastic and although I’m not a rider, your poem makes me want to jump on a bike and take off!

  • Chrissy says:

    Love it Mary! I’ll look forward to seeing you win this contest!

  • Ashley Faumuina says:

    This is soo awesome mary? what bridge is this?

  • Maggie Comisky says:

    Mary, this photo is amazing! You always take wondeful pictures! I agree with everyone here who said that this picture, along with your essay, is such an inspiration to go out there and ride a bike!

  • JoJo says:

    “Senses begin to awaken,”– makes some of us not there, wish we were!

  • Luanne says:

    This is an awesome picture. It captures the road in front of you to perfection. It makes me want to ride.

  • Mary Jane L. Stieler says:

    Mary, what a unique way of expressing your passion for biking and the great outdoors. You’re a magnicent writer, photographer, an inspiration, and a breath of fresh air. You just relaxed my mind. What an amazing feeling!

  • Kevin says:

    Excellent composition, both visually and descriptively. The poem accompanies the photo well. Inspiring and wise. Makes me want to ride.

  • Tony Ramirez says:

    Great job on both the picture and essay, Mary!

  • Maria Grant says:

    Mary – Looking at your picture made me realize that I’ve been missing just being outside. This is such a great snapshot. It made me go outside and smell the fresh air in my neck of the woods. You’re essay (which is great) is simple, straight to the point and from the heart.

  • Casey Nelson says:

    The world can be beautiful, it just depends on how you want to see it. Thank you for sharing your view from your handle bars.

  • Mark Pagaduan says:

    Well written Mary! Looking forward to your next great adventures and photos!

  • Mary B says:

    Thank you all for your kind words! I am flattered and grateful that everyone likes my photo and essay. This photo was taken while crossing the St. Johns Bridge near Portland, on a typical rainy morning.

  • Chris Eller says:

    Wow! Very nice. It’s the simplest looking photos that sometimes take a lot of planning and a little bit of luck. Definite vote getter here.

  • leslie bernsen says:

    You have my vote. I can feel the wind in my hair.

  • Marie Monaghan says:

    Good luck Mary

  • Chelsey says:

    VOTE! Very clear and gorgeous.
    I’m a fellow rider, and I absolutely love the motion and exhilaration you have captured with this shot.

  • Dorie Quejada says:

    Awesome and amazing picture!! Great job Mary.

  • Khoi Ngo says:

    Mary, I am so proud of your accomplishments!!!

  • mel e. raner says:

    Congratulations…. Beautiful picture, two thumbs up for you Mary !!!

  • Nancy McStroul says:

    Your picture makes me feel that I’m riding right there with you and your essay tells a wonderful story. Way to go Mary!

  • Alysha Barre says:

    Let’s go for a ride!

  • John Frago says:

    Wow! What an amazing picture. No matter what happens in the contest, you are inspiring Mary!
    Thank you.

  • Maribel says:

    Mary nice picture,,congratz :)

  • lucy raner says:

    love the photo, love the essay, totally awesome, my vote is for you…..

  • Erin says:

    You really capture the moment! LOVE the picture & your poem. When I read your poem I am there riding with you – and the picture captures your view perfectly. Beautiful.

  • Erin says:

    The photo really captures what you see on your bike – absolutely beautiful! And I love the poem – I can really picture (excuse the pun) what you’re talking about.

  • Ritche Lago Bautista says:

    They say pictures are worth a thousand words…. well this photograph is an example of a thousand words and the poem is the summary. GREAT WORK MARY!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    Really an awesome view from the handle bars, Mary!

  • stephan duron says:

    Riding is a timeless, it takes you any where you want to be, then with out realizing it your there, the best stress reliever, so get out there and ride and forget about time.

  • Mayra D. Christian says:

    Your picture is very inspirational, you have a great eye for spoting the perfect angle. reading your essay and looking at the picture. The two combined, i can actually feel as if i was riding. Keep up the great work!

  • Eliza Cadavona says:

    I think it’s so amazing that you took this photo while in motion, on an open road no less!

  • Joanne Chen says:

    Great job, Mary! I’m still waiting for the pictorial book………

  • Boni says:

    Can totally relate to your words. Nice shot and nice essay.

  • Terence says:

    Great photo Mary! It let’s the viewers see what the rider see.

  • Steph c says:

    You are an inspiration to me! Simply love your presence, yr energy and all the wonderful pictures u have taken!

  • BethG says:

    Oh my – the poetry and the beauty. You’ve captured all of the reasons I ride. Love your writing and your photo.

  • Mary B says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments, your vote, and support! I am sincerely touched and humbled.

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