Ian Christopher Hooper’s Photo Contest Entry

Ian Christopher Hooper

I get around town on an Italian sports-tourer my mother bought new in 1985. I still remember the day she picked it out at the bike shop, and her pride in its Columbus tubing and its nimble ride. Twenty-five years later, the paint has faded, the chrome has dulled, and the tube decals are long gone. I’ve added a generator hub and fenders and swapped out components to make it more useful as a commuter. It’s still fast and fun. I ride this bike everywhere– to work, to the store, and especially to the coffee shops where I write. I love that this wonderful bike was my once mother’s, and it reminds me that cycling has become, in our family, a part of daily life. A tradition. Someday I’ll restore this bike for my daughter, and I hope she’ll ride it from cafe to cafe too!

Ian Christopher Hooper

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