Patrick Penoyar’s Photo Contest Entry

Patrick Penoyar

Patrick Penoyar

[Entry #265]

5 Responses to “Patrick Penoyar’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Ari Hornick says:

    I like this picture a lot. Great image, good composition, etc. Nice work.

  • Robert Frith says:

    wow! I love it. where and what are looking at?

  • Justin Slick says:

    Wow, wow, wow…. this has gotta be my favorite of the contest if only because of the immediate WTH? moment I had before (I think) I realized what I was looking at.

    Is this all under a highway overpass/bridge? If so, it’s gotta be one of the most creative ways to re-purpose an under-utilized space I’ve ever seen.

  • iridebicycles says:

    The I-5 Colonnade in Seattle? Sweet picture.

  • Patrick Penoyar says:

    Thanks guys, I love Colonnade. Its a beautiful place to ride a shoot.

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