James Baumgartner’s Photo Contest Entry

James Baumgartner

I ride because when the President is in town, and traffic is at a standstill, I can still get home in a reasonable amount of time!

(also: because it’s cheaper than a car, it’s a more convenient way to get to work, and it’s always fun to be on a bike.)

James Baumgartner

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3 Responses to “James Baumgartner’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • geoff says:

    Hey! Providence! Where the trains station “used to be”.

  • michael says:

    I remember when he came. Everyone complained about the traffic. I was on my bike as well

  • carfreepvd says:

    I have the privilege of working in the building where the train station used to be. There’s good indoor bike parking, but it didn’t stop someone from walking in and stealing my headlight!

    On this day, I looked out my office window and saw all of the cars stopped on the road. 10 minutes later, I left work and the same cars hadn’t moved an inch.

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