Clyde Zirbel’s Photo Contest Entry

Clyde Zirbel

I like to ride because a bike can take me to places where cars can’t go!

Clyde Zirbel

[Entry #254]

3 Responses to “Clyde Zirbel’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Doug R. says:

    Clyde, and I have gone many places where cars can’t go, and The Tahoe Flume Trail was one of the most epic! Thanks for the mentorship and great rides old friend! Ratman

  • shane g says:

    where was this photo taken? Is that a trail you were following?
    The view is absolutly stunning!

  • Clyde says:

    I have so many outstanding pictures of this trail using a higher quality camera but mostly I was taking photos of the terrain from the bike and not of the bike and terrain. There is no other way to get here except to hike or ride a bike which means one needs to be self sufficient and carry lots of water and gear up long climbs and steep terrain. This is the Tahoe Flume trail and it has some of the most jaw dropping views of any trail I have ever ridden. It is truly stunning and I will take more photos of bikes and thess views from another angle located some 1500 feet higher than this..stay tuned !

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