Hunter Harr’s Photo Contest Entry

Hunter Harr

Because it is two and half miles to the post office.

Hunter Harr

[Entry #241]

2 Responses to “Hunter Harr’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • John L says:

    Yeah for fun utility!! Bikes make the mundane fun. What rack is that?

  • Hunter Harr says:

    A Gamoh King Carrier, I ordered from Rivbike.

    Great rack, it will hold two reusable shopping bags loaded-up, one strap across the top and away you go. Only problem with front racks like this is parked and loading they can swing like crazy, so a double kickstand and wheel-strap come in handy. At my Publix (Florida super market) I just put the front wheel in the bike rack and load it up and this ease it out, riding with one is a breeze.


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