Rob Harrison’s Photo Contest Entry

Rob Harrison

Here we have the Bridgestone RB-T I’ve had since new, and my seven-year-old son’s Trek MT60, beside Lake Washington on a Bicycle Sunday in May. My son likes to take the gravel path. “Off-roadin'” he calls it. I follow him, proud of his skill and speed. I started riding again two years ago, after a heart attack. I want to see my son grow up. I am a green architect designing to the Passivhaus standard. Riding a bike aligns perfectly with my values, and (bonus!) being motor-less over the last year has saved us over $8,000. Unlike many other machines of modern life, I can work on my bicycle. Riding, I feel a direct connection to the changing weather, light, and seasons. On our bikes, a late night out with an old friend, then the moon over Lake Washington, coasting downhill toward home.

Rob Harrison

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