Matthew Sterling’s Photo Contest Entry

Matthew Sterling

I ride because every trip by bicycle offers opportunities for adventure. When I ride I’m traveling through the world while living in it and experiencing it in a way unlike any other form of transportation. This ride was a recent journey to the St. Croix River Valley. The fog enshrouded morning was occasion for a quite, contemplative start to our day. Once the haze lifted fall’s riot of colors never appeared more brilliant.

Matthew Sterling

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3 Responses to “Matthew Sterling’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Joseph E says:

    That Public Mixte is lovely in blue, with the matching rear rack. It looks like the seat has been upgraded to a leather saddle, perhaps a Brooks? Matthew, if you’re reading this, how do you (or your companion) like the Public M?

  • Krissy Sterling says:

    Thanks Joseph! The Public Mixte belongs to me. My husband, Matt, upgraded several components. It does have a Brook’s saddle. I absolutely love my bike. It is so much fun to ride!

  • Matthew Sterling says:

    Public is making some really classy bikes, I especially love the mixte. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it riding around Minneapolis/St. Paul this summer. I’ve also been pleased to see how well it handles for touring. The only other significant upgrade I made to it was to add a Jtek bar end shifter.

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