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Edward Re

I found this bike in the basement of our building. I’d been eyeing it off for some time, so I asked the building owner about it. It had been left for some time by a former resident, so it was mine if I wanted it. After about $40 in parts, I had my transport to work sorted out.

Me and the missus cycled out the front door, and got a train to Fairfield/Suisun. We rode 60 miles via Davis and got to the capital. I’ve driven the highway near here to the snow before. It’s only a 3 hour drive, but it never takes less than 6. It’s endless car yards, and big chain stores.

On the bike however, you get to see quiet rural roads in silence. The farmland is beautiful. People can talk to you. It’s easy to stop where ever you want.

Edward Re

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3 Responses to “Edward Re’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • RDW says:


  • Michael says:

    Excellent; as much as I will soon want to acquire a top notch commuter bicycle, there is something awesome about resusitating an abandoned machine like you did for $40! Way to show how it is done.

  • Mowestusa says:

    I think that it is great that you put money into an old bike sitting in the basement of your building. Now an old steel machine has a chance at a new life which is much better than it ending up in a dump.

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