Philip Lengden’s Photo Contest Entry

Philip Lengden

I ride because every time I get on my bike, no matter how bad the weather is outside or how old I get, I feel like these kids. Free.

Philip Lengden

[Entry #216]

3 Responses to “Philip Lengden’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Maxine Hussey says:

    Awesome!! You can feel the movement!!

  • Martyn Lengden says:

    This photo really evokes that feeling of being a kid again, free of all worries and constraints. I ride to work everyday and regardless of the weather I feel unshackled and energized just like these two kids. This is the only black and white entry, and the only shot where the rider is truly riding his bike. Great shot!

  • Henry says:

    Very cool image Phil. I love the motion image that actually shows motion. Keep shooting guy.

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