Jeff Alona’s Photo Contest Entry

Jeff Alona

I commute by bicycle for many reasons. When I realized that I could recycle soda cans, plastic, bottles, etc., I wanted to keep things environmentally conscious. My wife, children and I were able to save our cash earnings, purchase and restore vintage used bicycles for our family to enjoy. This has allowed us to spend more quality time outdoors together, stay fit and keep one less vehicle off the highway. From pulling my daughter to preschool in the bike trailer, riding with my son to Cub Scouts, to a midweek date with my wife for a glass of Pinot Noir, it has truly become a lifestyle.

Jeff Alona

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2 Responses to “Jeff Alona’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Doug says:

    Beautiful picture and nice thoughts.

  • David says:

    i like this one, the story and reasons seem very similar to my own!! Although I did not submit a contest picture this time around…

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