Gwynne Lacey’s Photo Contest Entry

Gwynne Lacey

In 2007, my car died. I had a choice to make: buy a new car or learn to live without one. I decided to live without one. Bussing, walking, and biking became my modes of transportation. Initially, I biked because I had to. Then I got the Pink Bike. The baskets became a necessary addition after I rode to the Farmer’s Market one Saturday. Riding home with five pounds of tomatoes, a dozen ears of corn, and a half gallon of organic milk in a jar with no baskets was NOT FUN. The Pink Bike stands out because for the most part, people don’t ride bikes around here. I ride to lose weight. I ride for fun. I ride because it’s a great way to get anywhere and doesn’t pump chemicals into the air. I ride because it’s a cheaper than a car. I ride because I love it.

Gwynne Lacey

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4 Responses to “Gwynne Lacey’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • bongobike says:

    Congratulations, Gwynne! You have taken what for most people would be a negative event (losing your car) and turned it into something positive. I hope others will be inspired by you to improve their health too.

  • Jamie says:

    You look so happy on your lovely pink bike.

  • Adam says:

    Way to go Gwynne!

  • Ksnurse says:

    Way to go…love your bright pink bike. I wish now I’d been brave enough to get pink. you look so happy…

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