Alden Wicker’s Photo Contest Entry

R. Alden Wicker

I rode my bike that summer day, instead of taking the subway. When I left the rooftop party at my friend’s apartment, I was happy to clamber onto my bike and push off toward Riverside Park, heading north. I relished the vital feeling of my legs pushing against the pedals.

The sun was setting in brilliant oranges across the Hudson River. I jumped off halfway home, set my bike on the ground, and spent the next twenty minutes meditating and taking pictures of what was in front of me. I watched families walk by, lovers snuggle on a bench, and joggers bounce past with happy dogs. I felt as though the sunset was not only lighting up my face and those of the people around me, but lighting me up from within.

These moments are given to me by my bike almost every time I ride.

R. Alden Wicker

[Entry #218]

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