Bob Brindamour’s Photo Contest Entry

Bob Brindamour

One thing I love about riding is that my bike allows me to experience things I would never see or get to enjoy from a car. I’ve ridden through leaves, rain, mud, snw, hail, and this time along a flooded section of trail in Council Bluffs, Iowa. My wife took this picture as I returned from a portion of the trail that had flood waters deeper than my wheels. I didn’t want to turn around but as Terry Scott said in his post “No Wife Left Behind”. My bike was covered in duckweed when I got back, and although the duckweed is now long gone, this memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. So why do I ride? I ride because some of the best things in life can only be reached by bike.

Bob Brindamour

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One Response to “Bob Brindamour’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • bongobike says:

    That is one very cool image. It reminds me of an evening commute I had in the middle of a summer downpour. I was traveling through water just as deep as that, plunging my entire feet into it–no duckweed though. :-)

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