Brad Raughley’s Photo Contest Entry

Brad Raughley

Why I ride:
“Zoom zoom papa.”
“Papa, go bicycle.”
And the inability to be angry or distracted on a bike.

Brad Raughley

[Entry #169]

3 Responses to “Brad Raughley’s Photo Contest Entry”

  • Ryan says:

    when she was two I taught my daughter to say “Allez Allez” when she wanted me to go faster. I gotta say zoom zoom is pretty darn cute

  • Jeff Lock says:

    My first grandson is only four months old. I have already bought him a trailer and helmet. Now I am waiting patiently for him to be big enough to ride in it.
    Cant wait!!
    I am not sure who will have the biggest smile.

  • Don says:

    Zoom zoom papa is beautiful.

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