NYCeWheels Brompton Video

Here’s a fun video about the Brompton folding bike from NYCeWheels.


2 Responses to “NYCeWheels Brompton Video”

  • Warren says:

    Certainly are very handy. Wish I could justify getting one.

  • kanishka new england says:


    1) health. you will bike more, anytime you feel like biking, there will always be a portable bike with no limitations by your side

    2) viewing transportation differently. as the brompton has no barriers in terms of trains, buses, cars, taxis. you will start to string together trips that involve whatever transportation go in whatever direction you need.

    3) building a street rep for being eccentric. everybody in your neighborhood, workplace, etc, will know you as “that guy” (if you are in the usa at least)

    4) culture. once you have a bromtpon, you feel like part of a community between the forum dedicated to it, the constant stream of media coverage and random bloggers that talk about it.

    5) integrated luggage. the brompton truly understands what it means to integrate carrying luggage into a bike, instead of thinking about it after the fact

    6) indulging in consumerism. we all are trained like robots to buy things, and we feel even better when we buy expensive, marketed things.

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